Game of Phoenix

In the not so far of future, a new form of sport just called 'the game' is made. My name is Meril. I am a 17 year old student, but I am also the world-famous player called Phoenix.
What I am best at: winning the game. Worst at: losing.

(PS. Comments are appreciated ��)


9. Friday struggle with someone strange


I run to the living room, only to find it empty. I hear footsteps speeding down the hallway to my room. I dart after the person or thing it is to catch them. I storm into my room, again an empty finding. I get the feeling this is someone I should know, but can’t recognize. I go around in my room, looking for clues, looking in the closet and under my bed. The window’s closed, so that option is let out. I stop for a minute to just listen. If the person moves, I might be able to hear him or her. Why would they be here anyway? Is it a thief? Or is it something more serious…
I am standing completely and utterly still for a minute or perhaps more. Not a sound is to be heard anywhere. I slowly lower my guard. Whoever it was is probably gone by now. A feeling of caution suddenly overwhelms me. What if he (I am assuming it is a he) never left my room? He could still be standing somewhere, just invisible. There are some characters that can go invisible. They are quite common, surprisingly, but that is only because they are useless. They can’t be used in the arena and there’s the rule about never using a character outside the arena. Well, I sorta broke that rule myself, so it is not really something I would preach about. The invisible characters often can’t speak, since if they got surprised they would blow their cover, like you see in the movies. Truly, a stealth based character.
Oh, I just realize I haven’t told you anything about the whole character making thing. How stupid of me! No one really know where the characters are made, but they appear here and there, from time to time, and the persons who find them keep them. Well, only people with characters know this, but it is really that simple. I remember when I found my phoenix. It was on a school trip a year back. We were on a tour in a forest somewhere in Norway, and I got separated from the others. I sort of got lost in the spruce forest for a while, and while I was there, in the middle of nowhere I found it in a tree covered in snow. It was glowing orange, and at first glance, it looked like fire. As soon as I grabbed hold of it, I began transforming. I changed into the character, but my colors were blue and white instead of orange and yellow. It didn’t make much sense, still doesn’t, but anyway, I felt the great power of my character. Per reflex, I just set off the ground and flew high above the frozen trees.
I sigh. I was so lucky to find my character. Then there’s the story of how I got into my first match, but that is to be told at another time.
I cautiously begin walking around in my room, trying to be as quiet as possible while covering every inch of the floor. I walk around my room for a long time, but I can’t find anything or hear him move. I sigh again and go towards my bed, when I discover it. On the middle of my bed, there is a bump shaped as if someone is sitting there. It is not big, but it’s there. I look away from it, not to wake suspicion. I slowly sit down on my bed, and then lay on my side facing away from the bump. I grab hold of a corner of my sheet and in a quick movement; I roll around and twirl it around the person there. I don’t care if I end up being a little close, I just got to catch him. I can feel that someone is there, I can feel the volume, but the suddenly it is gone. He has slipped out of the sheet. Darn it! I curse inside to not alarm the person. I try to unroll myself, but something is keeping me from doing so. I feel a weight on top of me. The person is sitting on me. I try to get my arms free, but it feels like everything is stuck. Damn, I think. It feels like it is hugging me, preventing me from getting up. Is this another contestant? Are they here to steal my character? Did they see me earlier? It is tightening its grip. But then suddenly it is gone. I  jump out of the sheet and storm around my room. No one is there, no traces, nothing. I take a look around the house, but I don’t find it. I give up in the end. The person is probably far away by now. I sit down on the couch in the living room and turn on the TV. I sigh as soon as I see what’s on. I try zapping, but it doesn’t look like I’ll find anything else. It is somewhat big after all. I sit back and watch what they have to say about it.
“… here we have Michael, a gymnasium student who claimed to have caught the whole event on film. What do you have to say Michael? “
Jesus. It is the guy from my class.
“Well, it was like, sooo huge an event that I thought, I have to film this, and then I just did. It was really unbelievable that he was there, and I was there, I think maybe he is following me, cause’ not long ago he suddenly appeared in my class! “
I put a palm to the face. What an idiot. Why would I be following him? Some people just like to feel special, don’t they?
“Well, that is a very big experience Michael. Do you mind if we show your film? “
“No, not at all, the whole world needs to see! “
“And they will be, don’t you worry “
They play the video. It is kind of rough, really shaky. All the time Michael’s voice is shouting into the mic, making it impossible to hear anything else happening. While it is playing a window showing Michael in the studio is in the corner of the screen. He looks somewhat proud of the lousy video. The video itself shows me, of course, but at the part where I shout out to the crowd the camera captures me. And by that I mean me me. The real me, throwing myself in the window. My face is not shown, but my hoodie is clear to the camera. The logo is blurred, but the dark blue color almost shines on the screen. A chill goes down my spine. Michael didn’t notice anything at the moment, - or now for that matter, but the TV-guy does.
“Hey! Freeze the screen! NOW! ” he shouts. Michael seems to get a bit smaller next to him. The big screen freezes.
“Rewind a bit “ he continues. They rewind, until –
“STOP! Right there! Can you guys see it? It’s…”
Suddenly the camera operator breaks in; “that’s Phoenix! Reverted!”
I completely freeze in the couch, unable to think clearly. I think I gasp, but I don’t feel like it…
“Yes I can see that! Does anyone else have info on this? Any other videos? ”
He rises from his chair and storms around. Seems like everyone has forgotten the privacy policy. Everyone in the studio jumps from their position and storm around after the interviewer.
I gasp again, I think…
wait a minute…
No I don’t! I turn around as quickly as I possibly can. Something bumps into a plant on a small table. It is that person from before! I completely forget about the story on the news and jump after the thing. Even though it is invisible is still has a mass. I storm out into the kitchen and grab the flour. I can hear it bump into the wall in a try to escape. I jump out of the kitchen spreading flour everywhere. The white powder fills the air. If only I had a gravity character right now, I could make this go faster…
I see something moving in the flour. A person-shaped transparent field! I jump it, clinging onto it while trying to take it to the floor. There is no hair, nothing to grab hold of. Since it is the character and not the person behind, it is impossible for me to see who it is.
“Who are you? “ I yell at it. It wildly swings around, trying to shake me off. I try to punch it, but it has no effect. I didn’t expect an answer either, since it does not have vocal cords at all, but it was just an impulse, really.
It manages to throw me off, but I grab its feet the moment it moves, making it fall to the floor.
“Got you! “ I say to myself, but then it starts kicking. It gets a good hit in on my face, right on the glasses, and everything goes black for a moment.
I feel totally numb when I become conscious again. I open my eyes, but I can’t see anything. Have I gone blind? No, my glasses just broke I think. And my hair is in my eyes. Slowly I get on my knees. Everything is blurry without my glasses on, but I can see the figures of a table and a couple of chairs. Oh, and there’s the flour bag. Empty. Mom is not going to be pleased when she sees this. Everything is white, covered in flour. The air is clean, or relatively clean at this point, and I have already given up on finding the mysterious person. He is probably long gone by now, and this time I think he is actually gone for good.
I really hope these kind of days are a once in a lifetime experience.
The story on the news pops up in my mind again. I am really out to dry if Michael have seen my hoodie before, and is a little bit smart. Well, my identity is safe for the moment then! I think loudly as I get up. I have to vacuum before mom gets home.
I go out in the kitchen to fetch it, when the doorbell rings.
“Oh COME ON! “ I shout, but not too loudly. I go to open the door, and luckily, it is not my mom. It is my little sis. Her playdate have apparently ended before time.
“Why are you home now? “ I ask her anyway.
“Helene got annoying. She wanted to decide everything we were doing, so I said: -“
“Yeah yeah, I get it. Just get in. Oh, and don’t you dare tell mom ---“
“WHOAA! What happened here? Were you trying to bake cookies again? You know you suck at baking, don’t you? “
“Argh shut up! “ I act as if the flour is actually from cookie baking as she suggests. I really hate to admit it, but I frankly suck at cooking in general. I have done worse than this on mother’s day once. I wanted to make breakfast for my mom, but it ended up with bacon on the walls and pancakes on the ceiling. I don’t even want to get started on the eggs…
“I’ll help you clean up. And I promise I wont tell mom “ she says as she walks by leaving footprints in the white flour.
“Thank you Kitts “ I say relieved. She is so much better than me at stuff like cooking and cleaning. I do not know if I’ll ever be able to watch out for myself when I move. Maybe I’ll get a Kittil hotline or something.
I left the TV on, so I go to turn it off. There is still a ravage in the studio, people running around, papers flying and stuff like that. Michael is sitting in the midst of the storm on the tiny sofa. I grab the remote, but as soon as I lift my thumb to turn it off, Michael says:
“Hey, I think I know that guy! “

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