Game of Phoenix

In the not so far of future, a new form of sport just called 'the game' is made. My name is Meril. I am a 17 year old student, but I am also the world-famous player called Phoenix.
What I am best at: winning the game. Worst at: losing.

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4. Chapter 4. Phoenix fans


It is a very neutral voice, a bit electronic. Voice-changer. It could be anyone from a 49-year-old rocker to a 4-year-old child. But it is probably not any of those.
“I will get you, just you wait. Maybe not this time, but you will not escape my grasp” it gives me shivers all the way down. Like ice water under the shirt. I take out the plushy from my pocket. I will try to transform, even though I am all out of energy.
The person is still outside the door. I have too.
I concentrate as much as I can, and I can feel the Phoenix. Feathers coming out of my skin, my clothes disappearing as I am covered and… extra arms?!? It looks like I can only manage the second transformation right now. Well, this will have to do, I think as I make a portal through the wall opposite of the door. I would like to see the person who has been trying to bust my identity. I close up the portal quickly and opens a new one on the door. As it grows, my minds explodes. Outside is not a huge buff guy like I thought it might be, but a little skinny girl. I totally forget about escaping. I am just standing there, watching her. She is looking the other way for a moment, but she soon realizes that I am looking. In two jumps she is inside the booth, standing terribly close. As I thought, she has a voice-changer attached to her throat. I quickly make a portal and jumps through it. She grabs onto my tail and pulls me back though. How can she be this strong?
“What do you want?” I ask a little shaken.
“I want…” at that moment someone, god knows who steps into the bathroom. God bless this person! I jump through a portal and I flee to my changing room. It doesn’t take many moments before I have grabbed the tele-porter. I can hear the girl hammering on the door. In panic I press the button while at the wrong coordinates. I only just manage to grab my bag and my hoodie, then I’m gone.
At first everything is white, then I slowly regain the ability to see. I am in a classroom. I am sitting at a desk near the blackboard, and I can see… I can see Matt with wide open eyes, and there’s…
I look at my wrist to see what time it is. It’s blue in white…
wait… Matt? Blue and white?!? WHAT?!?
I quickly get on my feet, or claws, or whatever. Everyone are looking at me. Slowly Matt raises a hand and point a finger towards me.
“that… THAT’S PHOENIX!” everyone starts screaming. Not of fear, but excitement. In an extreme way… they storm towards me with their hands reached out to touch me.
“he-hey, stop, wait a second” I try to calm them down.
“please, WHAT ARE YOU TOUCHING?!?” I jump away onto another desk. I swear, someone… they come closer again, like zombies or something. I shiver. Usually I never get any attention, but this is not the kind of attention I would want in any life.
I storm to the door with all my classmates after me. None of them notices me throwing my bag and hoodie to my desk. They are screaming out my name as loud as they can, and soon others from other classes join the mob. I feel like a hunted monster.
I run with all my might, but my stamina is halved in this form. I can feel the reverting and I start to panic. What do I do?!? I focus all I can on holding my form while I run. I get slower and slower.
Suddenly someone grabs me by my tail and I fall to the ground. They are all over me. Like animals or something, seriously, their lives must be cruel if this is how they treat a celebrity.
“PHOENIX! Please, can I have your autograph?”
“Phoenix, what do you actually look like?”
“Are you actually a girl?”
“What do you do for fun?”
“Phoenix! How old are you?”
Phoenix! Phoenix! They are all screaming at me, questioning me while I am suffocating under their weight.
Then something comes to my mind. I slap myself. Or try to. Someone is sitting on my arm making it impossible. How stupid can I possibly be? I make a portal on the floor and go through it, closing it on the others.
I snap after air. I am in a bathroom. Thank god! I go forward to the mirror. The feathers are reverting. I have to get in a booth fast. I open the first one I get across, but then someone screams. A – a girl! She screams at me and slams the door in my face.
“Ow!” I moan. This must be the girl’s bathroom then. But hey, if she doesn’t want anyone to come in, she could just lock the damn door!
I hurry out of the bathroom though, and into the boys. I can hear trampling feet at the stairs. They are coming! I hurry and get changed inside the booth. Since my bag is in the class I have to leave the character. I hide it somewhere safe. In the soap dispenser. No boy has ever touched that, except me, but I don’t really count.
I walk out as they storm by. I catch up to Matt and he tells me about all of it, as if I did not already know.
“It is the most AMAZING thing! The famous PHOENIX himself showed up at our classroom, just like that! Oh, and guess what!” he grabs under his shirt and pulls out something large and blue.
“I got one of his feathers!” so he was the one… I shiver again. Fans are scary, really scary.
I follow them around the school. They are persistent; they won’t give up until we have checked the whole school.
Finally we go back to the classroom. No one has noticed my sudden recovery or that my hoodie is on my table. They are all so stupid. Ok, that was mean, but not nearly as mean as my bullies. Yeah, I got those too.
After sitting through the last period half asleep the bell rings. I hurry packing my stuff and run towards the bathroom. Once inside, I go straight for the soap. I open it using a technique I picked up rescuing my stuff from bullies lockers. It clicks and I reach inside. I get hold of something, but it is not my character. I pull out a small note written on a scrap of paper. A chill goes down my spine. I look inside the dispenser, but my character is gone!
“What the hell?!? ” I say a little too loud. I begin to sweat. Did someone find it? Or is it lying around here somewhere? I check the whole bathroom, but as expected, I find nothing.
What do I do? If someone saw me and took it they will know for sure who I am! I start to hyperventilate.
I come to think of the note suddenly. I open the folded paper and read:
‘I got the character. You can no longer hide from me. If you do not turn yourself in tomorrow, I will destroy it’.
What is this? What should I do? I’ll never be recognized as Phoenix if I say so, so what’s the deal? I don’t understand why this person…
A thought strikes me. Is it that girl? From the bathroom in the arena? Did she somehow track me here? Maybe she somehow planted a tracking device on me while I was Phoenix, and then it stuck to the character when I reverted.
“Oh hell! Why is this happening? “ I whisper while putting the note in my pocket. Whatever is going to happen tomorrow, I must get it back.

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