Elena moves back to the town she grew up in after traveling around with her parents and big brother. She meets her old friends, Ashley, Emma and Kylie and they catch up.
She begins at her old school and meet the also new guy Ashton. They start talking and become close friends, what she doesn't know is that Ashton is starting to get feelings for her but she has a boyfriend who she sooner find out is cheating on her.


1. Welcome back

"Elena here's one more of your boxe's" My big brother Kian said and sat another box in my room.
"Thank you" I said smiling at him and kept unpacking another box. We just moved back to the town i grew up in after using years on traveling around, its amazing being back but I'm still kinda scared.
I don't know if I schould try to contact my old friends here or I should just go to school tomorrow and see how it goes, cause what if they forgot about me and doesn't really wanna hang out with me.

"I'm going to the toilet" I said and left the table, we were at a café cause we still haven't unpacked all the titchen stuff yet. I walked to the toilets and when I was done I washed my hands.
"Elena?" I heard a voice behind me, I looked back and saw Ashley and she smiled at me.
"Hey Ashley" I said and smiled back.
"Did you move back or?" 
"Yeah, my parents thought since me and Kian is 16 and soon ending school we should go to a real school and not being home schooled" I said and she nodded.
"So you're here with your family?" She aked and I nodded,
"are you here with Emma and Kylie?" I asked, kinda hoping for a yes cause I missed them all.
"Oh yeah, wanna go say hi to them?" She asked and smiled, I nodded and smiled.
It was kinda weird seeing her again, but I'm still so happy for seeing her again, and now I'm seeing Emma and Kylie too.

We Walked to a table where there sat 2 girls with their backs facing us, I couldn't help but smile.
"Girls?" Ashley said and they turned around, we all smiled big and they ran to hug me.
"Omg Elena, are you back?" Emma asked, pulled away from the hug and looked at me.
"Yeah, and I'm starting at your school, well if none of you didn't move schools" I said and looked at them.
"Omg that's amazing, and nope, still same school" Emma said and smiled bigger.
"I can't wait till we all can hang out again" Kylie said and smiled bigger too.
"Me neither, but I better get back to my family, see you tomorrow" I said and hugged them all fast and went back to the table.
"What took you so long?" My dad asked and looked at me.
"I met Ashley, Emma and Kylie" I said and smiled.
"That's amazing honey, are you gonna hang out tomorrow then?" She asked and I nodded and kept on eating my food.


After getting ready for school I hurried down the stairs and into the kitchen and took some breakfast.
"Goodmorning sweety" I heard my mums voice behind me.
"Goodmorning mum" I said, turned around and smiled at her.
"Ready to go to school?" She asked ad took some breakfast too.
"Yeah, I'm leaving soon" I said and ate my breakfast.

"I'm leaving now, see you after school" Me and Kian said and walked out the door. I looked at my phone as we walked, we didn't really talk that much, it's not like me and Kian are the most talking siblings. 
We arrived to the school and went in, I walked to my locker and met Emma at the way.
"Goodmorning Elena" She said smiling at me and hugged me.
"Goodmorning Emma" I said smiling at her. I opened my locker and put in the books I didn't need and we walked to the other girls.
"Goodmorning" I said and hugged them.
"Are you having english now too?" Kylie asked and looked at me.
"Yeah" I said and she smiled.
"Good, then we're all going to the same class, let's go" Kylie said and we walked to class.

"Hello class, today we have 2 new students Ashton and Elena, welcome to the school" The teacher said, I felt nearly the whole class looking at me and I sunk down in my seat, I hate this kinda attention. I looked around and saw a boy, probaly Ashton cause he was also sinking down in his seat and people were looking from him to me, I chuckled and looked back to the teacher and she started teaching.

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