cunt +. hood

“you're just a huge cunt calum hood”
Basically my Wattpad story put onto here


3. .+ two +.


My encounter with Calum didn't really help me. When I got angry it took a couple of minuets to calm down - my school therapist back in Australia diagnosed me with depression and anxiety which they said led me to anger issues.

I wasn't even depressed - I just don't like people , I like some people depending on their personality - so sentimental . If I like you , take it as a complement.

I got diagnosed with anxiety because I hated situations where I was in a big crowd of people and because of my lust of hatred for school .They then said my music taste led me to anger issues - heavy metal and rock music calms me down so I think they need a new therapist...

I sat in my room bopping my head and blasting the chorus to St. Jimmy mimicking them playing the guitar . My love for Billie Joe, Tré and Mike was undying.


New school day was just the same as yesterday, Bea was waiting outside my house for me today - we exchanged numbers before we walked away so yeah, I texted my address to her.

We were chatting amongst our selves about today's lessons and school related shit until someone came into the back of me and almost knocked me over . I turned back and you'll never guess who - that Asian kid again.

"Watch where your going next time, Asian" I snapped , sarcastically bringing up his most hated name. You could tell by the look on his face that it convulsed him which added to my laughter.

"I'm not fucking Asian you dumb bitch" he retorted making me snort even though he called me a 'dumb bitch' I was used to the phrase because you just get some right cunts now a days.

I heard him say a few curse words and talking to his friends about how much of a bitch I am but he was the one who walked into me so I think he's being a complete dick. i could feel his stares burn into my back as I walked a long the stream that flew next to the school, my phone was gently playing 'the rock show' by blink 182 . "Take a picture - it last's longer" I sneered to Calum.

A scurry of feet happened behind me and I felt someone really close to me, their hand brushed past my ass making me tense. I grapsed their hand and turned around "don't you fucking dare" I scolded Calum who had came extremely close to me, Bea had already walked off to lockers chattering with Luke while Michael and Ashton slowly trailed behind them, so I had no one to save me from him.

"Don't do what?" he sneered releasing my grip on his hand and hovering it over that area. "Calum, for fuck sake" I said grabbing his hand again pulling it away from the area again.


Calum eventually let me go after that and began jogging towards the lockers to catch up with the others and I trailed behind so I could catch up with Bea, Taissa and Nina and walk to lesson with them.

All day I did'nt interact with anyone - I was confused but fustrated about what Calum did. Nina thought it would be good if Bea got in on some Luke action which meant we had to walk with Ashton, Michael , Luke and dickhead Hood. They were a far bit infront of me as I was slowly pacing down the path due to trying to find a song that calmed me but also trying to text my bestfriend Dee back in austrlia , I was trying to find out the time zone as she'd most likely be asleep right now.

I looked up noticing the dickhead walking by my side, "what do you want?" I said , already being annoyed by his presence. "just wanted to walk with you , jeez, you looked like a right loner" he said actually sounding conscered. "well okay" I said taking one earphone out letting it dangle by my side then fumbling with it. Calum grabbed it - slightly brushing his hand with mine - then putting it in his own ear.

"aghh the magical work of Billie Joe" he nodded as he bopped his head to 'she's a rebel' , totally out of my character but I thought he looked kinda cute - which I then mentally scolded myself for thinking that.

The others were out of sight and it was just me and Calum walking down the street sharing earphones and listening to Green day , I was unfamliar as to where Calum was making me walk to because the way me and Bea walked yesterday was the complete opposite way. We waited by the road waiting for the cars to pass but someone grabbed my hand and intwined our fingers I hesitently turned and looked at Calum completely confused on what he had just done, "um,Calum" i coughed catching his attention then flickering my eyes to our hands then his face then back to our hands.

He lifted my chin up so I was looking at him "I don't even know you but that Australlian accent is really damn sexy" he said , his voice becoming raspy. The flirty side of Calum made me confused as to how he could go from the asshole he was earlier then to this character. I tensed and he sighed "Calum, I've known you for a fucking day" I said , he looked hurt by what I said and that made me confused even more however he kept his hand in mine and so did I - it felt as if I was fastened into this position.

"So..." he trailed off then his eyes flickering between my lip then back to my eyes and before I knew it he was leaning in , my breathing hitched in my thoat but I pulled my head back "im sorry Calum" I spoke before taking my earphone back then walking back the opposite way we were walking leaving Calum there on his own,

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