cunt +. hood

“you're just a huge cunt calum hood”
Basically my Wattpad story put onto here


2. .+ one +.


New country, new place ,new school, new friends, new everything... I patted my foot impatiently as I waited for my bag to arrive on the conveyer belt and venture this new place. Dads work sent us over here - something about getting the business up and running in this country.

Moving from Australia to England was a drastic change for me considering I'm only 17 , plus UK have different money to us so that's going to be confusing they also have a different timezone so I don't know how this jetlag is going to effect me.

:: day later ::

Walking down the corridors that were painted a pale creme and burgundy I looked at the numerous pictures that the school had dotted around the place.

Finding your way to reception was easy as it was at the front of the school. I got welcomed by my year tutor , got assigned my form, my organiser,my locker and locker key, and a timetable which I glanced at.

First period -

maths ,, room 5

I sighed as I looked through the lessons that I had today, none of them got my attention. I found my way to the locker room before searching through the numbers and found mine .

There were muffled talking behind me so I turned around seeing a group of 3 girls talking and glancing in my direction . "Are you the new girl?" One kindly asked - oh hear comes the question that will be repeated over a thousand times.

"Yeah, moved here yesterday" I spoke in a thick Aussie accent. Making their eyes light up and squeal. "you're Australian, I'd rather stay in Australia than move here" one girl with a strong British accent grimaced.

"Oh I'm Taissa , this is Nina and Bea" the girl with the strong British accent spoke then pointed between the 2 blonde girls. Suddenly a thud and racket noise came from the lockers which was three boys stumbling into school pushing each other around.

"Who're they?" I asked curiosity getting the better of me

"Oh that's Luke, Michael , Calum and Ashton but Ashton's a year above us" nina - I think - answered me

"Oh mah god - look a Luke though" Bea drooled making me laugh.

"What you got first ?" They asked so I pulled my timetable out my bag and handed it to them but I kept my concentration on the boys.

"Aye, you have all the same lessons as me and were in the same form" Bea cheered making me laugh again , this is the most I've laughed in school.


The day passed slowly , I stayed with Bea, Taissa and Nina all day and they've said I'm now in their squad and it's a requirement to meet up at the school gates every morning.

Stella and Nina had to walk home the other way so me and Bea were walking along the brook that ran along the school and those three boys from earlier came back. Bea was fangirling over Luke being so near her saying she'd marry him and have 2 kids which would lead them to living happily ever after.

I was walking along side Bea however I lost my balance as someone barged into me making me fall to the floor.

"What the fuck do you think your doing?" I practically screamed as I lifted my self off the floor. Bea stayed silent with her head down after she glimpsed up at someone.

"Who barged me?" I whispered to Bea , she tried to say it in the most quietest voice possible so it was hardly audible.

She spoke a little louder before it became clear to me ;;

Calum Hood

"See ya tomorrow" she waved as I walked in the opposite corner , however to my discrete the other boys were walking this way.

"Hey there new girl" they began calling from behind me, I quickened my pace trying to get far away from them as possible

"Hey, answer us" one shouted me so I snapped my head around. "Yea, what do you want!?" I snapped and the three others face widened but the Asian one smirked - he was Calum Hood , the one who fucking barged me.

I gave Calum a look from head to toe in disgust which made his smirk turn into a frown and he began walking quicker.

"The fuck is wrong with you" Calum snapped grabbing my wrists tightening his grip as he shook me back and forth

"Calum, she's a girl" the boy with coloured hair rain up trying to get me off him as he could probably tell he was hurting me from the few whimpers that had left my mouth - I hated showing I was weak , the world will crush you if your weak.

Calum finally let go of my wrist and began walking off infront of me.

"You just said what the fuck is wrong with me - look at yourself you pathetic asshole" I snapped before turning the street then quickly made it into my house

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