One Direction Imagines

Hey, so the title says all. :D
I might take requests, so comment if you want one! Just tell me your:
1. Name (Real or Fictional)
2. Guy you want
3. Setting (What do you want to happen in the story?)
4. Other additional stuff (Clothing? People? etc.)
Oh, and I would LOVE if I had a co-author, so just comment below, saying you want to co-author, and I'll invite you! Here are some rules though!

1. You would have to follow me first, before I can add you to co-author.
2. It's alright if you can't upload frequently, so if you are interested in trying to write imagines, you can still co-author!
3. I don't mind if you do dirty imagines. It's just that I don't know how to write dirty scenes, so it's perfectly fine if you write one!
Aaand.. that's about it! Thanks so much.

hazzababygurl xx


2. Harry Comforts You

Imagine you just broke up with your boyfriend.


You run into the house, with tears streaming down your face. You throw down your purse on the floor, and ran up the stairs. “Y/N?” Harry’s voice ran out through the house. You ignored him and went into the bathroom, slamming the door. You drop down to the floor and buried your face into your hands. “What happened?” Harry said, softly knocking on the door. You continue to ignore him, silent sobs filling the entire house. You hear him sit down on the floor on the other side of the door, not saying anything. After a few minutes, your crying slows down, and you sit quietly, like a lifeless object. “Harry?” you whisper. “Yeah?” he whispers back. “You still there?” you said quietly. “Yeah, and I’m not leaving until you get out of there.” he replied. “So I have no choice?” you frown. “Well, I’m not leaving.” he says. You sigh, and open the door, coming face to face with Harry. “Come here.” he whispers, with his hands stretched out. You fall into his arms, silently letting the tears fall down your face. “Everything will be alright.” he says into your hair. And for that moment, with Harry by your side, you knew it would be.

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