I normally put this in my collection of poetry, but this one is more hardcore than the other ones. I also think this one stands out enough to deserve it's own movella. |Warning: Swear words, trigger moments|


2. Story Behind Insanity

In case some of you want to know why or how I chose some of the words from this, here is the story behind each main stanza of the poem. But first, a little revelation is due in case it wasn't seen. 

The girl is talking to everything, like insanity, her heart, the blade, etc., as if they are people. That's the reason behind the beginning stanza being about insanity;  she is insane. She really believes she's talking to these 'people'. Hence the reason why the words are capitalized; they're names. 

Here's the story behind Mr. Insanity. Insanity is a man, because that's the gender most people I know will say drives them insane. When the girl is talking to Mr. Insanity, she asks 'Who knew that you'd be my clarity?'. Mr. Insanity is the boy who broke her heart, and therefore sending her into a spiraling depression. That means that he's the one responsible for teaching her that people really do hide sadness behind a smile, and no one will truly see behind it. 

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