Blood Pet

Kidnapped by a psychotic vampire, 22-year-old Jessica Smith doesn't really think things could get any worse until she becomes a pawn in a vampire plot to take over the world.

As war breaks out between the vampires and humans resisting them and the world begins to quickly fall to the undead, Jessica finds herself warring with herself and questioning the true intentions of the vampire who took her in the first place.

With everyone she can't trust telling her things about him that make no sense and unable to trust his words either; she really has no idea who to believe in this dark world that she is now very much a part of. As time goes on, Jessica finds it harder to decide who to trust and who not to trust. But more important than that, she finds herself questioning her feelings towards the one person that she knows she shouldn't trust or love


1. Prologue


A/N (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, SO PLEASE READ): This is a dark vampire romance; it is in no way like Twilight or any happy-happy vampire love story, so if you're looking for that kind of story you might as well leave now.  However, this doesn't mean that this story will not have a happy ending (I am such a sucker for a happy ending! :)). It just means that this is a dark story and the vampires in it are evil and cruel killers; many are a bit psychotic. They do not sparkle, nor are they "vegetarian". They drink only from humans. In other words, you wouldn't want to meet any of the vampires in this story in a dark alley.  It also means that if my characters want a happy ending, they're going to have to work REALLY hard to get it. :)

This story is rated R for very good reasons. There is quite a bit of cursing (a lot of usage of the "F" word in early chapters) and other adult themes (including: physical and sexual abuse, non-sexual violence and mild to moderate torture... but I do NOT go into a lot of detail where the torture is concerned). Yes, before you ask, this IS a romance story; it's just a rather dark one.

If you are below the age of 14, too immature to handle the above adult themes or if any of the above themes offend you then please leave now.  I will NOT tolerate any complaints about the content since you are getting a fair warning.

You will notice as you read that some chapters have a video attached. This video contains music that I think goes well with the overall story and not necessarily that particular chapter. However, most of the time I've tried to match the song partially with the chapter it's connected with, so if a chapter is missing a song it means that I haven't found a song that partially goes along with that chapter yet.

Song Choice: Bad Things by Jace Everett



My chest jerked up and down as I attempted to slow my breathing and calm myself down enough to think clearly.

This couldn't be happening.

It just couldn't be.

These kinds of things only happened in movies, not in real life.

But, even as the thoughts ran through my head, I knew that this was very real and no matter how many times I pinched myself, I was not going to wake up from this nightmare.

I gulped as I heard the door open; light from outside suddenly flooded the room and I scooted under the desk that I had hidden behind a few seconds earlier, in order to avoid being seen. I needn't have bothered; the intruder already knew I was in there, if my heavy breathing wasn't clue enough to my presence than my extremely loud heartbeat was.

I stifled a gasp as the door was suddenly closed and the room was thrown into pitch-blackness once again.

A low, dark chuckle filled the room and I shuddered as I heard the shoes slowly approach the desk.

"I know you're in here, girl. I can hear and smell you." he said, pausing halfway across the room. "Now, why don't you come out and make this easier on you and me? If you do, I promise it won't hurt…much."

He was lying.

It looked downright painful to the others who had already had their lives drained from their bodies. The lifeless eyes still staring and their mouths forever formed into an horrified "O".

This was all my fault, if I hadn't seen that ad in the paper for the new night club in town then I wouldn't be here right now. I was the only one left of a decent sized crowd who had come to the club's opening night. I just had to check it out since anything new in this boring town in the middle of nowhere, Georgia was always nice.

I wasn't expecting it to be a trap set by creatures that were only supposed to be in books and movies.


Even thinking the name made me shiver.

I stopped my mental ramblings long enough to notice that he hadn't said anything for the past couple of minutes, nor had I heard him come any closer. The door hadn't opened while I was thinking so he was obviously still in the room. I just had to figure out where he was before he –

I squealed as a hand came out of nowhere, dragged me out from under the desk, and slammed me roughly against the hard surface. I gulped at the red eyes that stared back at me; they were the only light in the otherwise dark room.

I whimpered as I was yanked to my feet by my neck. I could barely breathe as he squeezed my wind pipe to the point that I thought he might make it collapse. The idea of suffocating to death truly terrified me, even since I had come within seconds of drowning when I was younger I absolutely hated having my lungs constricted either in the water or on land. I struggled and screamed, attempting to kick him where it hurt, but his legs were positioned in such a way that that was near impossible.

"You just had to make this difficult, didn't you?" he asked, not even sounding like he was exerting much effort to keep me still. I attempted to kick him again which only caused him to chuckle before he continued, "You just couldn't go nice and quietly like your little friends, hmm?" I knew it was a rhetorical question, so I didn't answer. Though, I wouldn't have otherwise, I was still too busy trying to find a way to get his hands unwrapped from my neck. He continued, completely ignoring my struggles, "Though, then again… I always did like the chase, so maybe it's a good thing that you have more fight in you then your pathetic little friends. Tame prey that doesn't fight back is just so boring," he yanked my head within inches of his own, "tell your little friends that I say 'hi', especially little Tara, she was such a sweet girl. Though, I have a feeling that you'll be sweeter."

At the mention of my best friend, I nearly went berserk, lashing out at any part of his body I could get my hands and feet on. I would have screamed at him but his hand prevented anything understandable from leaving my mouth. How dare he talk about killing as if he was talking about the weather.

He chuckled darkly, the action made me shiver uncontrollably.

"Hit a soft spot, did I?"

I jumped at the sound of his soft voice so close to my very exposed neck.

"Well, it's been nice, my sweet, but all this running has made me especially hungry and I just can't wait any longer."

I struggled uselessly, trying to get away from his lowering mouth, but it didn't do much good, if any, at all.

I shuddered as I felt his fangs graze my exposed throat, his tongue quickly followed, the roughness made me cringe and scrunch my nose in disgust. I braced myself for the initial bite, and I didn't have to wait long.

I screamed as his fangs finally sank painfully into my neck, I attempted to shove him away, but soon realized that doing so would cause the skin to tear and thus, causing me more pain. I could hear him sucking greedily at the blood that surfaced, forcing it out and making my ordeal all that more painful.

I could feel myself become weaker and weaker as he took more and more and my vision darkened and I knew I was going to die in a few more minutes.

The door suddenly banged open and I heard a loud female scream followed by a very loud masculine curse. I vaguely recognized the voice, but was too gone to actually figure out where I had heard it before. My attacker was yanked hard from my body; an action that made me cry out because his teeth had still been lodged in my throat. I lay there, partially dazed from the attack; feeling myself losing consciousness. I vaguely wondered why it had taken me so long to reach this point. My eyelids were growing heavy, but I forced them open; determined to see the face of the person who now held me in an almost death grip. I stared up into a face with light blue eyes and whose features were formed into a look of pure satisfaction.

I weakly attempted to struggle; I would take death over being with him, but I had lost too much blood and my limbs refused to cooperate. With one final sigh, I finally could no longer fight the growing need to sleep and I lost consciousness completely.

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