Blood Pet

Kidnapped by a psychotic vampire, 22-year-old Jessica Smith doesn't really think things could get any worse until she becomes a pawn in a vampire plot to take over the world.

As war breaks out between the vampires and humans resisting them and the world begins to quickly fall to the undead, Jessica finds herself warring with herself and questioning the true intentions of the vampire who took her in the first place.

With everyone she can't trust telling her things about him that make no sense and unable to trust his words either; she really has no idea who to believe in this dark world that she is now very much a part of. As time goes on, Jessica finds it harder to decide who to trust and who not to trust. But more important than that, she finds herself questioning her feelings towards the one person that she knows she shouldn't trust or love


3. Chapter Two

I was sitting on the desk chair a few minutes later, waiting for the jerk to come back. I had just changed into the clothes that were provided, which, luckily weren't too over the top; just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Other than the t-shirt being a little tight around the bust, it wasn't that bad at all. It wasn't revealing, nor was it an embarrassing outfit. It made me a bit suspicious since he seemed like the kind of guy to make me wear something that I didn't like at all just because he could. I was sitting in the chair, facing the door since I wanted to see what he would do when he saw me sitting here and not on the bed like he had asked. Jerk was going to learn that no one told me what to do.

I didn't have to wait long since I heard a key in the lock only a few minutes later. I glanced lazily at the door as I watched him come in, a definite purpose to his movements. He looked really pissed, but I don't think it was at me. At least, I don't think it was until he took sight of me in the chair. His eyes darkened upon seeing me purposefully disobeying him

I stared him down, refusing to turn my eyes away from his. Refusing to be intimidated.

"Oh… look who decided to grace me with his unwanted presence. Again." I said, pretending to study my nails, as if they were more interesting than him. Though, to be honest, I thought they were.

His eyes narrowed, "I told you to sit on the bed."

"Yea… but, I just didn't feel like it." I shrugged, glancing back down at my nails.

"I don't care whether you felt like it or not, Jessica. When I give you an order, I expect you to obey it without question."

I snorted, "You have some serious issues." I noted, "I got dressed like you wanted, is that not enough for Mr. Control Freak? Well, it's too damn bad if it's not since that's all I felt like doing."

"You are such a child."

"And you are such an asshole, so I guess we're even." I retaliated, smiling sweetly at his glaring face.

"I don't know why you choose to act this way when I could kill you in less than a minute for your immature antics."

I stared at him, "Then why don't you? I'm not afraid to die. To be honest, if I had to pick between being in your presence or death, I'd pick death. Anything to get away from you."

I had barely gotten the words out of my mouth when he was suddenly in front of me, yanking me up from the chair and pulling me from the room.

"What the hell?" I screeched in surprised, "Let me go!" I ordered as I attempted to pull my wrist out of his grasp, but all that did was make his grip tighten more painfully which made me wince.

I let him drag me down the hall and down the first flight of stairs, but I attempted to kick him when he tried to pull me down a second flight, they obviously went down into a basement. A very dark basement that smelled like mold and just gave me the creeps, and that was just what I got from the top of the stairs. No way in hell I was going down there.

"Fucking let me go of me, damnit!" I yelled, when my kicking attempt failed and instead of a cowering vampire groaning due to the recent kick I had made to certain body parts, I got a very pissed off vampire that turned to glare at me before he promptly slapped me hard across the face. The force of it made me face jerk completely to the side.

"I do not allow such curse words to be said in my house, especially by a female human." he growled, "Next time you do that, I will wash your mouth out with soap. Something your parents obviously didn't do, otherwise, you wouldn't have such a filthy mouth."

I smirked at him, "Aw… is the big bad vampire afraid of a little cursing? How cute…" I said, "Too bad I don't give a fuck." I smiled sweetly as I said it. Now, normally, I don't use words like that (the first time was an accident), but I just couldn't resist saying it again just so I could see his reaction. And, let me tell you, it was totally worth it. His eyes were glowing red; his face was contorting into one of rage. God, I don't think I'd ever seen someone so pissed before in my life. Especially over something so trivial as a simple curse word.

Seeing his reaction, you would think I would have been scared, but I wasn't. Not at all. The only power he had over me was the fact that he could kill me; and I wasn't scared of that. Nor, was I afraid of the pain he could thrust on me either, I had a very high tolerance for pain. Something the asshole didn't know and something I didn't plan on telling him any time soon.

It was a good thing I had a high tolerance for pain though thanks to what he did next; he brought his hand forward and I found myself fall head first down the endless black hole that led down into the basement. I screeched since I wasn't really expecting him to do that, but once I got over the shock of it, I tried to grab onto anything to break my fall, but the railing kept slipping out of my grasp.

I had only a few seconds to think of what the hell I was going to do to save myself from landing hard on the ground and possibly breaking my neck; a prospect that I didn't like the sound of all that much. Even though I wasn't afraid to die, didn't mean I wanted to; especially since falling down the stairs was a pretty lame way to go.

Though, instead of landing on the hard concrete floor as I had expected, I instead flew into a masculine chest, a very tough chest at that. What the hell?

My confusion didn't last for much longer since I heard the sound of a light being turned on and was temporally blinded as the room was completely flooded with fluorescent lighting. The asshole had managed to make it down the stairs before me and had saved me from potentially dying. An action I would have found really sweet if he hadn't been the one who had pushed me down in the first place. Though, even if he hadn't… he was still a vampire and a complete asshole, so I probably wouldn't have been flattered even if he hadn't been the one to push me.

"You bastard!" I screeched as I tried to smack him, but he moved just out of my reach, smirking at me "What the hell was that for? Why the hell did you push me down the fucking stairs just to beat me down here with that vampire speed of yours and break my fall!"

"Do you honestly think I would kill you that soon, Jessica?" he asked, "You may be a strong-willed human, but every human has their breaking point, I was just curious to see if that would have broken some of your spirit. But, it appears that it hasn't."

I snorted, "It'll take a lot more than that to break my spirit, asshole." I said, "But, I dare you to keep trying." I challenged

"I can see that," he smiled, a condescending smile that made me want to smack him again, "Oh… and I accept that dare. I do love a good challenge."

I had to glance away from him; his smiling face was making me want to seriously injure him and with both of my hands currently being held down by his and his legs just out of reach again, I had no way of doing that. Looking around the room was the only way in which I could avoid looking at his sickeningly smiling face.

Though, what I saw made me even sicker; I was standing in what appeared to be a torture chamber; one filled with both modern and medieval torture devices. I didn't recognized many of the pieces and to be honest, I really didn't want to. The few that I did recognize were horrifying already. The infamous Rack, a device that I had learned about in my Medieval Europe class just last semester sat in the corner farthest from the door; looking extremely ominous. It scared me a little since I knew exactly what it could do… dislocate the limbs from the victim's body, or rip them out if it so pleased the person doing the torturing to do. Something that looked an awful lot like the Stocks was sitting in the opposite corner. Between them, there was nothing but chains hanging from the ceiling and even though they looked innocent enough I had a pretty good feeling that they were used to hang people from there and do God only knew what to them. I didn't want to see what else was in the room, the first couple of items alone were enough to scare me just a bit, but I wasn't about to let him know that.

Once I got over the initial shock of being put in such a place, I turned to face him again, only to discover that he was still staring at me rather maliciously now, "What the hell are we doing down here?" I asked.

He yanked hard on my wrist, so hard that I went flying into his chest; he jerked me around so my back was up against his chest, "This is where you end up if you're a bad girl. There are many devices in here; some of which I haven't had a chance to use quite yet. But, I assure you, I am dying to try them out." I shivered at his words and once I realized what I was doing, I stopped and mentally kicked myself for doing so at all.

I was hoping he hadn't noticed, but his dark chuckle was clue enough that he had noticed my slight show of fear, "I thought this might get a reaction out of you. Pretty terrifying, isn't it?" I didn't say anything, "Though, I'll be honest with you, Jessica… I want you to break the rules."

"Oh… yea?" I asked, gaining my courage back, "And why is that?" I asked, trying, unsuccessfully to jerk out of his grip, but that only caused him to tighten his grip.

"Like I said, I want to try out some of my new toys and you're the perfect testing subject."

"And what makes you say that?" I asked, as I continued to struggle to get out of his grip.

"You have a very high tolerance for pain"

I jerked my head to stare at him, his smile only grew when he saw my face which probably wore a look of anger and rage; I don't remember telling him that.

"You didn't have to tell me, sweetheart, I heard it loud and clear." he whispered, his face inches from my ear as he tapped lightly on my head, and I got the hint almost immediately.

"Don't call me sweetheart!" I ordered, "And stay the fuck out of my head!" I added, "You have no fucking right to be going through my brain without my permission!"

"You forgot one little thing, Jessica," he yanked me hard up against his chest as he continued. "I. Own. You." with every word he spoke, he jerked my head to the side by my hair, so my head was practically parallel to the floor after the third word, "That means I can do whatever I want with you and there's nothing you can do about it." I felt his fangs skim over my neck for a few seconds.

I snorted, "That's what you think, asshole."

He yanked harder on my hair, "Such a pity that you've already forgotten how you are supposed to address me."

"You just noticed? I haven't referred to you in the manner you want ever since you decided to grace me with your presence again." I said, "And, I don't plan to." I added. "However, I might stop calling you asshole if you stopped acting like one… but that's unlikely to happen any time soon or even at all for that matter."

"It amazes me that you still have the bravery to disobey me while standing in a room that holds many possibilities of torture that I could use to punish you." he growled angrily.

"Well, then… why don't you?"

"Hmm… maybe later; right now, I have something else planned for you," he smirked, "A surprise, I guess you could call it, but I don't think it's one that you'll like very much."

"I didn't think it would be." It wasn't much of a comeback, but I liked to have the last say in a conversation, especially with this jerk.

He let go of my hair long enough for me to straighten my head before he grabbed hold of it again and began dragging me towards the wall closest to the stairs, "what the fuck? Let me go, damn you! I am perfectly capable of walking; I don't need you to drag me by my fucking hair!"

He ignored my protests, "I am keeping count of every time you use that filthy word, Jessica. The more you say it, the worse your punishment is going to be. You've already said it seven times; do you want to make it eight?"

"I thought you were going to wash my mouth out like I was a fucking child." I spat, just to spite him.

He turned to glare at me, "You've said it too much… I don't think washing your mouth out would do much good. Maybe I can beat it out of you," he smiled cruelly, "That's eight by the way, do you want to try for nine?"

I just glared at him defiantly, letting him drag me across the room since it hurt less. I would prefer to not have any more of my hair ripped out if that was possible.

"Well, at least you're keeping it even," he noted before he suddenly shoved me into a chair and before I could even attempt to get up, he tied my arms down to it with the leather straps attached to the arms It wasn't a very comfortable chair by any means; it was made completely of metal and was freezing cold. "Fuck! That's cold!"

He sighed, "I guess it won't be an even number then."

I glared at him, "I'd like to see you sit in this chair and not say anything. I feel like my ass is going to fucking fall off! I can barely feel it already and I just sat down."

"That's ten… at least it's even again."

I heard a low buzzing coming from my left and turned to find a man sitting there that I swear was not there a few seconds ago.

"What the –" My voice cut off when I saw what the man was holding, a tattoo gun which small pointed tip was moving very fast towards the exposed skin on my left shoulder.

"What the –" I started again, but was once again cut off; this time the sudden shock of the needle piercing my skin made me shut my mouth at the sudden pain. It felt like someone was dragging a ball point pen extremely slowly over my skin. I closed my eyes as my body quickly got used to the sensation of the needle poking my skin repeatedly. I should have known he was going to misinterpret that movement. Moron.

"Not so tough now, are you, sweetheart?"

"I told you not to fucking call me that, you ass." I growled, "Is this the worse you can do? Ha… it's pretty lame, to be honest. Yea, it hurt at first, but that was really from the initial shock, now it's just annoying." I opened my eyes to stare at him.

"No, I assure you, I can do much worse. And, you will probably be seeing proof of that soon since you are now up to eleven on my official count."

"Oh, yea? And, what do you have planned? As long as it doesn't involve seeing your ugly ass face, it can't be all that bad."

He smirked, as his face light up… oh, shit, I think I just gave the dumbass an idea… not good.

He left my field of vision and as I was wondering where he went off to as the tattoo artist changed the direction in which he was drawing on my skin. He had been drawing across my arm, but now he switched to drawing downwards. I glanced down to see that he was about halfway done with writing the letter 'T' on my arm. Now, I wasn't quite sure if my instincts were correct, but I was pretty sure this was his "mark", to show his claim over me. Though, that didn't mean shit to me, to be honest; I was still a free person whether I was marked or not and I would still do what I wanted to. My thoughts were interrupted when my world suddenly turned dark as a black hood made of some kind of thick, coarse material was placed over my head.

"What the hell?" I gasped, my voice was obviously very muffled as I spoke, but he seemed to hear it well enough since he responded.

"Well, you said you didn't want to see my 'ugly ass face' as you put it, Jessica. So, now… you don't have to. I'm only tying to give you what you want." I could hear the smirk in his voice, "I just want to make my little pet as happy as I can!"

"Oh my God, this is not what I meant!" I said, trying to keep the fact that I was extremely scared right now a secret from him. The last thing I needed him to know was… I stopped right there when I felt a slight tingle in my head, "I know you're listening to my thoughts again, asshole. I'm not going to let you hear any more of that thought. I'll be damned before I let you hear the rest of it."

"Aw… is my precious little pet scared of her Master discovering something that he could use against her?" he taunted, I heard the slight rustle of clothing, I had no idea what he was doing until his voice was only inches from my right ear, "You might as well tell me this little secret of yours, pet, I'll find it out eventually anyway. I promise I won't use it against you if you tell it to me willingly right now."

I snorted, "Ha… like I believe you."

"Come on, if you tell me… I'll forget all about your previous infractions and let you go upstairs and eat and rest." I shivered as he ran his hand lightly down my right arm, bringing it to rest on top of my hand that was gripping the arm of the chair so tightly that my fingers were probably a solid white color.

"Over my dead body," I spat.

I jumped slightly when the guy drawing on me suddenly stopped his work. I had known he was there, but the area in which he was drawing was numb for the most part so I couldn't feel what he was doing until he stopped altogether.

"Very well, you can't keep it to yourself forever; you'll slip up one of these days, sweetheart. And, when you do, I'll be there to hear it all. And, you'll regret the day that you decided to not give it up willingly to me because I will make no promise to not use it to my advantage."

He caressed the coarse hood, under which lay my tear streaked cheek. I could tell he noticed that the fabric was a bit damp since he paused, drawing one finger lazily down one side and then the other side of my face before speaking again, "Are you crying?" he asked, sounding amused.

"No, you just smell so bad...that the nastiness of your stench is making my eyes water. My God, have you ever heard of soap? Or at least deodorant?" I asked.

"Hmm…" his right hand was playing lightly on my own hand, "On second thought, I don't think I want to let you keep it to yourself now. I don't think you deserve such a privilege" He grasped my fingers in his cold hand and pulled them upwards slightly, so we were partly holding hands; "I could just break your fingers, one by one until you tell me." he threatened as he grasped my index finger and began pulling it back, only stopping when it cracked loudly and painfully.

"No!" I gasped before I could stop myself.

He chuckled darkly right into my ear, "For someone who has a high tolerance for pain. You sure don't like the idea of it," he noted, pulling my finger a little farther back and it took all my will power not to scream at the white hot pain that shot up from the digit. "If you don't want me to break your pretty little finger, I suggest you be a good girl and tell me what I want to know."

I was silent, weighing my options. There were only two; either way… it involved me being in a lot of pain and one would probably lead to more humiliation than the other. I gulped, not believing I was actually going to do what I was planning, but I seemed to not have much of a choice.

I heard him shift positions; he sighed, "Very well then. I guess you give me no choice."


He paused, "Yes?"

"I'm scared of the fucking dark," I lied "There… are you fucking happy now?" I asked.

"Yes, of course. Though, that would only be the case if you were telling the truth, sweetheart, and I know you're not."

"Well, it is the truth, not my fault if you're too much of a moron to believe it, asshole."

"Your heart is beating twice as fast as it was a few minutes ago, Jessica; a very obvious sign of a liar. You're still hiding something and I know very well that it's this little secret of yours that you are determined to keep from me," he whispered, "I'm starting to think that you might need a little encouragement to tell me." The words had barely left his mouth when I heard a loud crack and blinding pain shot up from my index finger. The bastard had actually fucking broken it! I could tolerate pain pretty well, but holy shit that hurt! It felt like a thousand burning hot little needles were pricking my finger at the same time.

"I can see that you are stubborn about this, Jessica, but I will find out what it is. Whether I will have to cause you a lot pain to do so is entirely up to you. I'm going to leave you alone for awhile to think about your options. When I come back, if you have not changed your mind, I will break another finger. I will continue this cycle until you have relented or I have run out of digits to break. If you have not yet relented by the time all of your fingers and toes have been broken, I will go for larger bones, like your hands and wrists and I will move upwards from there. I hope, for your sake you begin to talk by then because I will have great pleasure in trying out one of my new toys on you. And, while breaking of your individual bones will not cause permanent damage, my little machines will." I felt his presence leave mine, but I knew he was still in the room since I could hear his footsteps on the concrete floor as he made his ways towards the stairs. "And, remember, Jessica we haven't even gotten to your punishment for that filthy mouth of yours yet or for your obvious refusal to refer to me by my proper title, so I would keep that in mind if I were you."

"Fuck you!" I spat.

Even across the room he heard my muffled voice, "That's fourteen. I'll be back soon, Jessica. I do hope that when I return you are in a better mood and are willing to tell me what I want to know. I would just hate to have to break anything else of yours."

I heard the light switch off and the sound of his feet pounding on the stairs as he climbed up them. A few seconds later and I heard the door slam shut and I was left alone with my thoughts and my throbbing broken finger.

Fucking asshole.

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