Blood Pet

Kidnapped by a psychotic vampire, 22-year-old Jessica Smith doesn't really think things could get any worse until she becomes a pawn in a vampire plot to take over the world.

As war breaks out between the vampires and humans resisting them and the world begins to quickly fall to the undead, Jessica finds herself warring with herself and questioning the true intentions of the vampire who took her in the first place.

With everyone she can't trust telling her things about him that make no sense and unable to trust his words either; she really has no idea who to believe in this dark world that she is now very much a part of. As time goes on, Jessica finds it harder to decide who to trust and who not to trust. But more important than that, she finds herself questioning her feelings towards the one person that she knows she shouldn't trust or love


7. Chapter Six

I attempted to jerk away from his descending mouth, but that seemed futile since with his hands now placed firmly on my shoulders I couldn't even move an inch. I knew from experience that the bite would hurt less if I tried not to move. So, I did my best to prepare myself for it and the pain that was surely to come from it.

I shivered when his fangs merely grazed my neck and I growled when he chuckled at my reaction.


"I don't think it's very smart of you to call me such names, Jessica when you are in this position."

"Whatever, asshole." I spat.

He chuckled again, "My you are a stubborn one, aren't you?"

I snorted, "Thank you for stating the obvious again¸ Mr. Asshole, do you want a cookie for being so smart to point out the obvious for the third time? Or the fourth time? Ha... you've done it so much, even I've lost count. Not that it matters though... you're a vampire, so no cookie for you! Unless it was a –"

My sentence abruptly halted when his fangs slide painfully into my neck.


Trust the bastard to do it when I was distracted.

I was expecting the pain to intensify like it had done the first time, but after the initial shock I was disgusted to discover that the pain was quickly replaced by pleasure. A pleasure that was so intense, it washed over me in seconds and left me so hot I felt like I was going to explode from the sensation.

I might never have had sex before, but I very well knew what these feelings were. I was a virgin, but not stupid or naïve by any means about sex.

The growing heat met in one spot: between my legs.

I was completely appalled that my body would find this kind of thing to be arousing, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get the itch between my legs to go away.

Until the jerk unceremoniously yanked his fangs out of my neck.

I was left breathless and, not to mention, extremely pissed off.

"What the hell was that?" I spat once I was able to form words.

He chuckled darkly, "A vampire's bite doesn't always have to be painful, sweetheart. It can be full of unknown pleasure," he explained, "I'm not the type to bite in pain; I can cause pain in more creative ways," he smirked, "Besides, causing pleasure is so much more fun especially when the victim doesn't want to feel it or to become aroused at all. It prepares her for... other things."


He snorted, "You think that's perverted? You haven't seen anything yet, sweetheart." I didn't like the way he looked at me; he was eying me up and down like I was a piece of meat; paying special attention to my breasts which I just remembered were still only covered by the thin material of my bra. My bra wasn't enough to make me feel comfortable under his disgustingly hungry gaze.

I was too busy looking up at his face, well more like glaring really, to pay attention to what he was doing with those hands of his. Those were what I should have been watching though since all the horrible things he could do with me involved them. And, while I was distracted by his smirking face and stupid, perverted explanation he had been trailing those hands up and down my naked sides.

But, what really caught my attention was the hard press of his finger on the bite marks on my neck, marks that hadn't quite healed yet. I jumped at the sting the touch produced, but wasn't prepared for what he did next. The bastard dug his nail into the small wound; tearing more skin and allowing more blood to come to the surface. I could feel liquid rolling slowly down my neck, but it didn't get far before he caught and it and traced it back to where it started.

I felt the bile rise at the back of my throat when he placed that same blood soaked finger in his mouth. "Mmmm..." he moaned, "Your blood does taste exquisite. The best I've had in decades: I think you're my new favorite."

I didn't like the sound of that. I found myself shoving the bile back down my throat since pushing it wasn't doing the trick at all. Though, I shouldn't have bothered since what he did next made it come right back up again.

He traced that same finger down my neck again, picking up more of the blood that had surfaced from the open wound. But, instead of putting that digit in his mouth which would have been disgusting, he did something even more revolting. He traced the bloodied digit down my body, starting just below my neck and ending halfway down my stomach. He jerked the bra apart with only his one hand since the other one was busy keeping me immobile.

"What the hell are you doing?" I screeched when my naked breasts were exposed.

He smirked, "You'll see."

Gripping my chin in a strong, nearly bruising grip, he forced my eyes to stare into his and once my eyes met his blue ones, I couldn't force myself to look away. Bastard was probably using his powers on me to keep my eyes fixated on his. Asshole.

He continued to smirk at me as he bent his head, sticking his tongue out as he did so. It left a slimy trail as he ran it up my exposed chest, licking up the blood that he had drawn down it a few seconds earlier. His eyes never left mine as he licked up the blood; only when there wasn't any sight of red on my body did he lift his head up and release me from his power. The minute I was able to take my eyes off of him, I took advantage of it and turned my gaze towards the ceiling, but I quickly discovered that that was a bad idea when I suddenly felt a very wet and warm sensation surround my right breast. I quickly jerked my head down at the sudden feeling to see half of my breast engulfed in his mouth.

I tried to jerk away, but he held me down by my shoulders; his nails digging painfully into my skin.

"Get your filthy mouth off of me!" I spat, continuing to struggle even when I knew it was useless.

He ignored me and just moved his mouth over to the other breast, moving one of his hands to grope the one that he had just left.

I jerked at the sensations that his actions caused on my body. The itch that had begun growing between my legs when he had bitten me started growing again and I squirmed uncomfortably underneath him. That only seemed to make things worse since he rubbed up against me in response and I realized just how arousing his perverted actions were making him.

"Tell me, sweet Jessica," he started as he took his mouth away from my breast and made his way back up my half naked body. "Are you a virgin?"

My chest was heaving as I attempted to ignore my body's reactions to his ministrations, but it was hard. And, it seemed the more I ignored them, the worse they got.

I cried out when he squeezed my breast, hard enough that I figured I would probably have a bruise later.

"I asked you a question," he growled, glaring at me, "Now, be a good girl, and answer me."

"No!" I spat.

"No, what? No, you're not a virgin or no you won't answer me?" he asked, "You have to be specific, sweetheart."

"What do you think, you fucking moron?" I asked.

"I think you're just asking to be punished again. Is that what you want? Hmm? Do you want me to beat you for that dirty mouth of yours again? Because I have no problem drilling that lesson into you again."

"No, I just don't think it's any of your business, Mr. Nosy Asshole."

He shrugged, "I suppose you're right," he smiled maliciously, "I'll find out soon enough anyway."

My eyes widened at the threat. I didn't like the sound of that. And, I especially didn't like the way he was looking at me now like I was nothing more than an object that he was dying to claim as his.

"Well, isn't that just so fucking lovely?" I growled.

His smiled faltered a little bit, "If you keep using that word, Jessica, I will punish you again for it."

"I'll stop using it when you Get. The. Fuck. Off. Of. Me!" I said through gritted teeth.

"Aw... it's a shame you don't like this position, Jessica. I happen to enjoy it, so much so that I don't think I'll be getting up any time soon. Maybe if you answered my earlier question, I would be more inclined to get up. As it stands now, I see no reason why I should move so much as a muscle for you. If it is not already clear to you, sweetheart, you earn everything in this house; nothing is given freely. It would be in your best interest to start learning that; otherwise, you will not last long."

"I'd rather die than be here with you."

"Too bad I find you too entertaining to get rid of yet, but I'll be sure to keep that in mind when I get bored with you."

"Well, aren't you nice?" I asked, sarcastically.

"I do try my best to please others."

I snorted at that.

"Yea right."

He shrugged, "Now, since you won't be nice and tell me whether you're a virgin or not, I guess I have no choice, but to find out for myself." As he spoke he trailed his hands down my naked upper torso, squeezing my breasts as he went.

I tried to jerk away from him, "If you so much as touch me down there, you psychotic bastard, I swear to God, I will fucking kill you."

"You are just asking for a punishment with that mouth of yours. Are you sure you don't want to be punished again and are not doing this subconsciously in order to receive what you want?" He smiled, a very knowing one.

"Ew... I told you, you perv! I would never want to be hurt like that. That's just disgusting! And, I'm not a psychotically unstable person like yourself. Nor, am I a masochist. I don't enjoy pain! I just have a high tolerance for it. There's a difference, moron."

"Hmm... that's what you think, sweetheart. Usually it's the most stubborn and powerful women in the world who turn out to be the most masochistic and submissive ones in the bedroom."

"Well, I'm not one of them."

He muttered something that sounded a lot like "We shall see", but it was so quiet that I really could have been mistaken. I didn't have time to reply before he grasped the waist of my jeans and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped them. The sound of the zipper being pulled down was almost deafening to my ears.

"Now, you have one more chance to tell me what I want to know before I get the answer my own way. A much more fun way than simply reading your mind." he smirked.

I didn't say anything; just glared at him wishing I could smack the pervert in the face, but in my current position I really couldn't do much of anything.

He chuckled, "Even over something so small, you are just so stubborn, Jessica. I don't understand why you must make things so difficult for yourself."

I glared at him, "If I make your life even a little bit harder than it's worth making my life harder as well."

"Very well, but I can't guarantee that I won't do anything to you after finding out the answer."

"And, I can't guarantee that I won't kill you for touching me down there either, but you're more than welcome to try your luck."

"Oh... I will. And, I will enjoy finding the answer out. Though, I have an odd feeling that I already know the answer, but I need to make sure."

And with that, he jerked down hard on my unzipped jeans. The action was so sudden that I jerked slightly, but other than that I didn't move. I sure as hell wasn't going to make this easy for him. The jeans moved a bit down my legs, but not much and he had to repeat his actions several more times. But, when that proved futile, he let out a growl of frustration and yanked so hard on them that I slide a little away from him due to the force of his pull.

"Oh... well, congratulation! You finally managed to pull my pants off. Sure did take you long enough. I thought vampires were supposed to be strong? I think you're pretty lame, to be honest; can't even pull a girl's pants down on the first try." I tsked him, "I think you might be the virgin here, not me. Either that, or you're gay. It would actually make some sense anyway... what the hell kind of name is Tristan? I've heard it used as a girl's name enough times, but never a guy's. Are you sure you weren't born a girl? Because that would just be gross. And – "

My speech ended in a sudden screech when I felt him shove a finger inside me, he chuckled, "Glad to see I got you attention," he smirked before grabbing my right hand and forcing it to grip the bulge in his pants, "Now, if you had any doubt that I am not one hundred percent male, that should prove you wrong, but if you still are concerned, I would be more than happy to show you..." he made to unzip his pants.

"No, you sick perv!" I ordered, jerking my hand out of his loosening grip, "I don't need to see to it believe it."

I squirmed uncomfortably when he continued to wiggle his finger inside of me. "Are you enjoying yourself, Jessica?" he asked.

What a stupid question.

"No, I'm not, you sick pervert." I growled, closing my eyes and pulling both my hands into fists at the odd sensation his finger was bringing. If I had thought his mouth on my breasts had been arousing, this was so much more arousing. But, I wasn't about to let him know that. He probably already knew the answer anyway, but I wouldn't admit it out loud.

"You might say you haven't been enjoying any of this, Jessica, but your body is saying something completely different. And, it can't lie like you can," he smirked, "You are very much aroused right now," he explained, removing his finger for a second to show me proof before shoving it back in and continuing, "And, you are very much a virgin which is good news for you. I'd rather not deflower you quite yet. That is for another time. Maybe later today if you're lucky," he smirked, "But, I can't help but wonder how someone as old as yourself has managed to stay pure for so long." He commented, thankfully taking his nasty finger out of me which I was thankful for, it felt weird having something stuck up there; completely unnatural and not arousing at all! Okay, well... maybe a little, but I would be damned if I let him know that.

"You don't even know how old I am!"

"No, I don't, but you were old enough to be in my club, so you are at least twenty one. You wouldn't have been let in otherwise; my men are good at catching fake IDs. I know very few twenty one year old virgins and that number grows smaller as the age goes up."

I glared at him, "Now, why do you think I'm still a virgin?"

He chuckled "Hmm... is my little pet afraid to have sex?"

"No!" I replied, I could feel my face heating up at the thought, "I-I just don't really care about it."

"Are you a prude?"

I felt my cheeks heating up which was answer enough for him since he snorted, "Don't worry, Jessica, sex is a lot of fun and I'm a very good teacher."

"I will not willingly have sex with you, you perv!"

"I don't think you're going to have much of a choice, now will you?" he asked. "Though, it won't be until I can get you shaved down there. I like my girls smooth, not furry."

I opened my mouth to say something, but my retort was replaced by a cry of alarm when I felt his finger rubbing my womanhood.

"But, just because we can't go all the way doesn't mean, we can't have a bit of fun still."

I didn't like the evil look that passed over his face. I liked it even less when he yanked me up off my feet in one fluid motion; a motion that was so fast I was pulled tightly into his chest.

"But, I would rather us not do this on the concrete floor. I think a bed would be much more comfortable, don't you?" he asked "Pull your pants up." He ordered before I could tell him how much I didn't want to go anywhere with him.

I yanked my pants up and buttoned and zipped them up quickly. Only doing so because if we were going anywhere, I didn't want to wander around without my pants.

"I'm not going anywhere until you give me my shirt back." I said, holding my hand out expectantly.

He picked up the piece of clothing in question and stared at it knowingly then looked at me, eyebrows raised. It took me a minute to realize what he was silently pointing out. The shirt was in ruins for the most part since the bastard had ripped the back in half before he had whipped me.

"I don't care if it's ruined. I am not leaving this room until I have something to cover myself up with." I spat, "A tattered, ruined shirt is better than nothing in my book. Now give me the shirt."

He smirked, "I might be inclined to do what you ask if you were more willing to be a good girl and start cooperating."

I snorted, "Bastard," I said, "I will never do what you say willingly."

He shrugged, "Then, I guess you'll be going back upstairs shirtless. I do hope my men aren't too horny."

"If that means I can continue to annoy you with my lack of cooperation than I'm all for it" I started, "And, if any of your men come near me, I will fucking kill them."

He snorted, "You have nothing to fear, sweetheart. I told them not to come near you and unless they have a death wish, they will not; even if they desperately need release. They will find it elsewhere."

"Glad to hear that you actually care. Too bad I know it's only because you don't like to share what you consider yours. Oh, and I might have already mentioned this, but you're probably so stupid that you forgot so I'll repeat myself, I am my own person and I belong to no one."

"Well, if you're going to be so rude and ungrateful for my kindness than I might as well let them all have their way with you then." He grinned maliciously.

"Fine then, but I can guarantee that anyone who comes close enough to touch me will no longer be a man... if you know what I mean. And, that includes you, you psychotic, sadistic asshole." I spat as I attempted to shove him away from me.

The movement didn't do much, but it was really only a distracting measure. As he was trying to push me back into the nearest wall, I managed to sneak my hand between our bodies and grip him below the belt in a hold that was vice-like and probably very painful since I was clutching his crotch in a death grip. And, I had no intentions of letting go... even if what I was doing was nasty and I was quite disgusted by it. But, if it got my point across to the idiot then I would deal with the nastiness that my actions brought.

He cringed and doubled over in pain.

Ha... worked every time.

"This is just a fucking warning, you bastard. I will not bow down to you and allow you to take advantage of me. I swear to God that if you ever try to touch me in a sexual way again, I will neuter you and make it so you hurt so much that you can never have sex again. Just because you are a man with a serious superiority complex issues doesn't mean you can take advantage of every female that crosses your path. I don't fucking care if you're a vampire and not even human. I am a female and I deserve some respect. Every man, vampire or human is sensitive down there. And, I might not like it, but I will do whatever it takes to get you to understand that I will not be taken advantage of. And, I will never in a fucking million years willingly have sex with you. If you try to take advantage of me, I will do my best to hurt you to the best of my ability and make sure you never get what you want from me."

I gripped his crotch harder before I let go abruptly.

His head was lowered so I didn't see his face. But, that didn't last long. A few seconds later, his head lifted and I tried to hold in a gasp as I got a look at his eyes. They were no longer a bright blue color, but blood red.

I gulped; realizing rather quickly that I had succeeded in completely pissing him off.

He growled, "You have a severe lack of respect for your betters, Jessica," he started, "And, I plan on rectifying that soon. But, first... I want to do something to teach you another lesson. A more important one, I think. You have this deluded idea that you can somehow escape me, if you are given the upper hand in a fight with me; I'm going to prove to you that that is not the case at all."

"Oh, yea? And, how exactly are you going to do that?" I asked, bravely speaking when his eyes were still glowing the creepy red color.

"You'll see."

I didn't like the knowing smirked the crossed the jerk's face.

I didn't have much time to really contemplate what he was talking about though since he grabbed hold of my wrist and began yanking me towards the stairs. I attempted to slow down and tried to get him to loosen his hold on me since his grip was tight enough to bruise, but that proved futile, as usual. So, I just chose to let him drag me across the room, but I couldn't make that easy for him... it wasn't in me to do that. So, it took nearly ten minutes at least to reach the stairs since I kept digging my heals back, refusing to move. The action was hard and a little painful though because I didn't have shoes on since the bastard hadn't bothered to provide any for me, but I like I said, I wasn't going to make this easy for him.

I could tell I was annoying him though if the annoyed glared he sent me when we finally reached the steps was any indication. I just smiled sweetly at him. His glare only darkened at my expression.

"You have some serious anger issues." I noted.

"And, you have a tendency to annoy people." He retorted.

"First of all, that's a pretty lame comeback and second of all, sorry, I tend to do that to people I don't like." I shrugged, "I probably wouldn't do it if you weren't such an asshole who pissed me off all the time. I'm a pretty nice person, but only to those who deserve it. And, you Mr. Controlling Asshole, don't deserve it and, to be honest, you probably never will."

The edges of his mouth lifted slightly as if he was trying not to smile, "Hm... I wonder what I will enjoy more? Proving you wrong on that account or breaking your spirit completely."

I snorted for what was probably the thousandth time; I seemed to be doing that a lot lately. "Neither, since you won't be doing either one of those things."

"We shall see."

"No, we won't. You can keep thinking that either is going to happen, but they won't. I won't let them."

I could tell that he didn't believe me just by the look on his face, but he didn't give me a chance to yell at him for it he chose that moment to begin dragging me up the stairs. "You know, I am perfectly capable of walking up stairs by myself."

"I would rather not have to risk you trying to get away from me."

"Afraid I'll get away?" I asked.

He scoffed, "Hardly, I just would rather not have to waste the time it would take to catch you and bring you back here. I'm in a good mood and that would do nothing but put me in a bad mood and I don't think you would like to see me in such a state."

"Yea, I'm sure I don't," I agreed sarcastically, "since your apparent "happy" mood is already screwed up, I would just hate to see how screwed up your "angry" mood is."

He ignored that comment as he opened the basement door and dragged me into the foyer which was deserted. Though, there were muffled voices coming from one of the rooms across from where we were currently standing in front of the basement's still open door which I quickly tried to get away from.

"Don't worry, Jessica, I'm not going to push you down again."

"Ha! Like I believe you."

He shrugged before slamming the door closed, as if that made me feel any better. Before I could voice that though he began to drag me across the foyer and as we approached the closed door, the voices got slightly louder.

Once I realized where we were going, I stopped dead in my tracks and when he jerked hard on my wrist to get me to move again, I refused to budge, "I'm not going in there until I have a shirt." I said, glaring at him, crossing my one free arm over my breasts. It was a lame attempt to cover up, but it was all I had.

"Is your bra not good enough?" he asked.


He shrugged, "Too bad. Maybe if you had been nice to me downstairs I would have given you back your torn short or better yet, given you a fresh one. Like I said earlier, you earn everything in this house, Jessica."

I squared my jaw and glared at him, "And, like I said... if anyone comes too close and tries to touch me in a way I don't like, I will make is so that they regret that action."

"Duly noted." he smirked slightly before he opened the door and pulled me into a very large and brightly light room. The large fluorescent lights practically blinded me since my eyes were so used to the dimness of the basement. I blinked rapidly, trying to get my eyes to adjust faster since I knew there were people in here and I wanted to be able to see them as soon as possible. I didn't trust any of them since I knew they were all vampires. Bastards.

When my eyes finally adjusted, I was finally able to study my surroundings. I was in, what looked to be a large workout room, if the mats and the many different exercise machines that took up most of the back and side walls was any indication. The center of the room was completely cleared and the exercise mats were in abundance. However, the strangest thing in the room was the row of eight chairs that were set up near the door; they were facing towards the center of the room. Each of them was occupied by mostly males, but there were a few females thrown in and they were all staring at me. It took me a second, but I soon realized that I knew all of them since they had all been at the club that night. I also realized that that meant this was probably the asshole's "clan" and they probably all followed him. Why the hell they would do that, I haven't the slightest clue. Why they would want to be associated with such an idiotic asshole was also beyond me. Made me think they were probably a bunch of morons. I could tell a few of them could hear my thoughts since their faces changed from one of mild curiosity to one of anger.

"What the hell is this?" I asked, turning to face Tristan, "Being insulted in private just isn't doing it now or something? You want me to embarrass you in front of you "gang" members too? Are you sure you can handle that? I mean, I can cause some irreparable damage. They might not think you're such a cool leader after awhile."

"No, this is not a chance for you to insult me in front of my group. They all know the kind of mouth you have and know that you are all talk and no walk," I snorted, "And, they all wanted to be present to see me prove it."

I arched a brow at that, "What?"

"Don't you remember how you threatened to kill me if you were given the chance? Hmm?" he asked, "Well, I am giving you that opportunity. I know we were supposed to go upstairs and finish what we started downstairs, but I've decided that this is much more important and it cannot wait. Our... fun, on the other hand, can."

I just stared at him. Fun? What the hell was he smoking? What we were doing and what he planned to do was in no way fun to me. Well, I didn't know that what we planned wouldn't be fun, but since he had thought of it, I had a feeling I wouldn't really like it. Though, I was just happy that what he had planned to do with me up in his bedroom was going to be postponed for a little while.

"I think it's time that you learn that you can't defeat me. This is a lesson as well as entertainment for my clan members."

"What's the catch?" I asked, "I'm not stupid enough to believe that you would go to all this trouble just to teach me a lesson or to entertain everyone else."

He smiled, "Of course not... where would be the fun in that? Of course, there are stakes involved that will make this much more interesting. If you win, I will let you go. If you lose then you will give yourself willingly to me and stop all of this nonsense of not cooperating."

"You are a complete idiot if you think I will agree to those terms."

"I don't see the big deal, Jessica. If you think you can beat me, you really have nothing to worry about since I will let you go if you do. You have my word."

"Too bad your word has no value to me," I started, "And, I find it interesting that you're willing to risk losing me if I beat you."

He snorted, "Well, I, like you sweetheart, think I will be proving my point to you rather nicely. I think it's time that you learn that you can't defeat me."

"And, I think it's a time for you to learn that I can't be controlled or made into anyone's slave." I retorted.

He smiled that little knowing smile that was starting to piss me off, "Do you agree to the terms or not?"

I glared at him, I was never one to back out of a challenge, but I didn't like the idea of this one. I had a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was determined to prove to the asshole that I was perfectly capable of going against him even if he was a vampire and a hell of lot stronger than me. If I were to agree to this, there was a chance that I could get my ass beat and if that were the case then I would find myself at his mercy since I would have to live up to the terms. And, I don't think I could live with myself if that happen, but I also couldn't deal if I didn't at least try. I also didn't think he would let me not agree to it and I would rather decide on my own to do it instead of being forced to do it.

"I agree on one condition; give me a proper shirt to wear."

He smiled, a look that was pure evil, "Very well, I agree to that."

A random shirt was suddenly thrown at me and smacked me in the face. I managed to catch the garment before it fell to the floor. It was nothing more than a large black t-shirt and as I put it on, I tried not to think about that fact that I probably just made a very big mistake. But, I don't think I had much of a choice and I was going to do my best to show the bastard that I was not as weak as he thought I was and I was going to prove to him that I could definitely hold my own against him even if I risked losing my freedom in the process. However, I couldn't help but think that I had just signed my life away.

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