Blood Pet

Kidnapped by a psychotic vampire, 22-year-old Jessica Smith doesn't really think things could get any worse until she becomes a pawn in a vampire plot to take over the world.

As war breaks out between the vampires and humans resisting them and the world begins to quickly fall to the undead, Jessica finds herself warring with herself and questioning the true intentions of the vampire who took her in the first place.

With everyone she can't trust telling her things about him that make no sense and unable to trust his words either; she really has no idea who to believe in this dark world that she is now very much a part of. As time goes on, Jessica finds it harder to decide who to trust and who not to trust. But more important than that, she finds herself questioning her feelings towards the one person that she knows she shouldn't trust or love


6. Chapter Five

My eyes jerked open at the sound of the basement door slamming open. I don't know how I managed to fall asleep in such an uncomfortable position or how long I had been out. I didn't give myself enough time to think about that, I was just happy that I had woken up before the bastard had returned.

Or, at least I thought it was him since I didn't expect anyone else to come down here. So, I was a little surprised when my visitor turned out to be a female; one that I had seen earlier. I strained my neck to watch Annabelle as she made her way carefully down the stairs carrying a tray in one hand and a glass in the other.

When she made it to the bottom I was able to figure out what she held in her hands; a tray with a plate with some kind of sandwich was in one hand and a glass of water was in the other one. She was too busy watching it to make sure she didn't spill the water to notice much else, but once she reached the bottom of the stairs she paused long enough to glance up and when she saw me still straining my neck to watch her she smiled slightly, but that look almost immediately turned into a frown when she caught sight of my current predicament.

I was still handcuffed to the ceiling; standing on the tips of my toes in order to avoid putting too much strain on my arms and that position was really starting to hurt. While I had been asleep it hadn't bothered me too much, but now that I was wide awake the pain was there. I had to be careful how I shifted my weight for any slight movement could lead to shooting pain in some part of my body.

"Oh, you poor thing!"

Those were the first words she said to me and they were quite surprising to say the least. She was a vampire, a fact I only knew because I had seen her fangs earlier; and vampires were all evil and cruel; unable to feel any sort of emotion; except for maybe pleasure, but even then that was only when they were hurting others. So, why was she acting concerned for me?

I watched her, my eyes narrowed in suspicion as she made her way towards where I still hung. I didn't buy the act at all.

She seemed to notice my look though since she stopped halfway towards me, "I'm not going to hurt you, Jessica."

"Why should I believe you?" I asked, "You're one of them, aren't you?"

She sighed, "I just wanted to bring you something to eat," she nodded towards the tray and glass in her hands.

I glanced at the tray for a second before returning my attention to her face, "How do I know it's not poisoned?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes, "I know you haven't been here for very long, Jessica, but it should already be obvious to you that if he wanted to kill you, he wouldn't poison you."

"Well, I'm not hungry," I said, turning my head away in disgust. My stomach apparently didn't like that too much because it let out the loudest growl I had ever heard. Stupid fucking traitor.

Annabelle chuckled at the sound, "You might say you're not hungry, but your stomach says something different."

I turned to glare at her, "My fucking stomach doesn't know what it wants right now. I would rather die by starvation then eat any of the crap that that bastard wants me to eat. He can shove it up his ass for all I care. I am not eating anything he gives me."

"Tristan will not be pleased by your disobedience." she said quietly, making me roll my eyes.

"No shit, he's never pleased unless I fucking bow down to him like he's some kind of GOD or something." I spat, "But, do you really think I give a fuck about whether he's pleased on not? He needs to get off his fucking high horse and realize that not everyone is going to worship his sorry ass."

Annabelle's eyes had widened to the size of saucers by the time I was done ranting, "You have a lot of anger."

"Yea... well, being kidnapped and held against my will tends to do that to a girl, you know." I explained.

She sighed, "I know the situation seems bad..." I snorted at that, that was the understatement of the year, "but it could be a lot worse."

"How could this be much worse?" I asked; I was honestly confused since it looked pretty bad to me. Cursed to be the bastard's pet seems to be a pretty awful way to live.

She shrugged, "I don't think you want to know, but if you keep at this kind of disobedient behavior, you'll probably find out. If he tires of your disobedience, and he will, Jessica, believe me when I say that his patience is not unlimited. Your life will get a lot harder than it already is."

"And how would you know this?"

She ignored that question, but she looked uncomfortable so I could only assume that she might be speaking from experience which was odd... she was a vampire, why would she know anything about what I was going through?

"Now, please... just eat the food so I can report to Tristan that you followed his orders and he won't have to punish you for disobeying him."

"How am I supposed to eat with my hands tied up like this?" I asked.

"I'll untie you of course," she said.

I stared at her, wondering if she realized that if she did that I would probably try to escape.

"You will not attempt to escape, Jessica. I might seem weak, but you know what I am; I am a lot stronger than I appear. I do not want to use force or hurt you, but I will do so in order to keep you down here." Her soft voice suddenly had a really hard edge to it which was proof enough of how serious she was.

I weighted my options... both of which sucked by the way. I either ate and avoided more punishment or I refused and got God only knew how much more punishment for disobeying. I shivered when I remembered the knife... and that had only been for not referring to him as I was told; I could only imagine what his sick mind could come up with if I refused to eat. I suddenly decided that I didn't really want to find out if he could be any more of a psychotic bastard than he already was proving to be.

"Fine, I'll eat." I relented.

She let out a sigh of relief, "Oh, thank goodness. I was afraid I was going to have to force feed you." She looked disgusted at the idea which was more proof that she wasn't as psychotic as Tristan was. I vaguely wondered what the hell she was doing hanging around with him when it was obvious she didn't like doing the same psychotic things or even like what he did at all.

She placed the tray and the glass on the concrete floor before making her way over to where I was still tied up, "Now, remember what I said... don't try to escape," she warned again before she went about unlocking the cuffs with a small key that she had pulled out of her pocket.

Once my hands were free it took a few minutes to actually get them pulled down since they had been in the position above my head for so long, they were kind of stuck. They were more sore than I expected and I winced as I was finally able to pull them all the way down so they now sat at my sides.

The tray and the glass were shoved into my hands and I reluctantly sat down on the cold concrete to eat my meager meal; a sandwich and a glass of water... oh how nice and filling. Not.


I stared at the sandwich for the longest time; deciding whether eating it really was the best idea. I don't think the jerk would actually poison it, if he wanted me dead, I believed Annabelle when she said that he wouldn't kill me by poison. After a few seconds I picked the stupid thing up and took a tentative bite. The bread was a bit stale, but other than that it wasn't that bad. I gulped down half the water before continuing eating my lame meal. I had taken another small bite when a voice cut through the darkness.

"Eat the fucking food, you stupid bitch. Or I will shove it down your ungrateful little throat" a new voice spoke up; this one was very male and oddly familiar.

A man who had to be at least six feet tall stepped out from the shadow underneath the stairs. Shoulder length black hair framed a beautifully masculine face with high cheek bones and a somewhat prominent jaw line. His eyes, from what I could see of them since his upper body was still shrouded in mostly darkness were dark; I would guess either black or brown.


"I told you Annabelle... if your tactics didn't work, we would try mine."

"You're a fucking moron," I said, "What do you think I'm doing right now?" I stared pointedly at the half eaten sandwich in my hand, "I'm eating without a fight."

He glared at me, "I wouldn't insult me if I were you, pathetic little human."

I snorted, "You don't scare me, asshole."

"Really now?" he asked, a second before he slammed into me, shoving me up against the nearest wall, the plate and glass fell from my hands, both clattered loudly to the floor, "How about now?" he growled.

I rolled my eyes, "I would be if you had been the first one to do that, but not now... I totally saw that coming."

He growled low in his throat.

"I thought humans were supposed to be intelligent."

"And, I thought vampires were supposed to be attractive, but I guess we shouldn't believe everything we hear, should we?"

He shoved me harder into the wall, nails digging very painfully into my shoulders, "You are extremely stupid."

"And, you're just so ugly... but I guess that's just how things are. Not everyone can be a genius, just like not everyone can be gorgeous or even remotely attractive for that matter."

"Derek, let go of her now."

The words were uttered so quietly that I had to strain my ears to hear and even then all I heard was a faint whisper.

When he didn't do much of anything to prove that he had heard anything at all, he was shoved away from me, "I told you to let her go!" Tristan, the big bastard himself was standing a few feet away and glaring at the other man who had managed to stand up rather quickly after being shoved away from me so roughly.

Tristan was glaring at him; he looked downright pissed and I was happy that his anger wasn't directed at me since he looked like he could seriously kill something.

"You know the rules, Derek and you know I expect orders to be followed. First, you almost kill the girl when I ordered her captured and unharmed back in Georgia a week ago," that was surprising to hear, so we were no longer in Georgia, then where the hell were we? "Then, you nearly killed Cindy because you lost control... again. And now you ignore my order that only Annabelle was allowed down here while I was gone. I do not like you touching anything of mine, especially sweet little Jessica since it's because of you that she almost died. If she dies at all, it will be by my hand alone."

The last sentence proved to me what an uncaring asshole he was. I made sure he was aware of exactly what I thought of him; not really caring if it pissed him off and he turned his anger on me.

He turned his angry face towards me, "You better stop thinking those thoughts about me right now, Jessica or you will find yourself in a very painful predicament." he threatened, eyes narrowed, "More painful and uncomfortable than what you've endured already."

I didn't doubt that threat so I chose to listen to the jerk and just glare at him instead. My new tactic didn't work all that well though since he turned his attention away from me to glare at Derek again.

"I'm getting rather sick of your lack of control and incompetence, Derek, especially in regards to my pets. I know you want me to release you so you can finally leave and not have to follow my orders, but how can you expect me to think that you're ready when you act like a child who can't follow basic rules? And, unless you learn how to control yourself better... you will never be released since you could endanger the entire vampire race with your severe lack of control. Sometimes I regret even deciding that you were strong enough and intelligent enough to be changed. Now, I'm stuck with your moronic self for the rest of eternity it seems."


He completely ignored the other man's pleading, "I don't want to hear it. Either you prove that I did not make the wrong decision by turning you instead of killing you like the rest of your pathetic family or I will finish what I started with you and I will enjoy it immensely. I've been aching to try a new killing technique and I know you would be the perfect subject for it." Tristan's voice was like ice as he spoke, "Now, get out of here. I don't want to see you down here or near Jessica again, understand?" he asked.

Well, it looked like wasn't prejudice in how he treated people. It appeared that he's an asshole to everyone... regardless of who or what they were. That made me feel slightly better. Though, I was still pissed at his arrogant, I-deserve-to-be-worshipped attitude that he loved to put on for everyone.

Derek merely nodded; the macho man was suddenly timid around Tristan which was a bit odd, but then again, if Tristan created him than the latter was probably a hell of a lot stronger than him and could kill him easily.

He turned towards Annabelle who was standing close to me, "Annabelle go back upstairs and check up on Cindy. If that girl needs to be taken to the hospital, you're going to be in a hell of a lot more trouble, Derek."

Derek looked pissed off at being ordered around, but he didn't argue; seems like he might actually have a brain. He just turned on his heel and left; Annabelle was soon to follow.

Once Derek and Annabelle were gone and that was only confirmed by the slamming of the basement door, the bastard and I were left in an uncomfortable silence.

I was still sitting on the floor; both the tray and glass had been picked up by Annabelle before she headed back upstairs which was annoying because I hadn't even finished eating; Derek had made sure of that and I was still a little hungry. I didn't really have the time to dwell on that since I had the asshole to deal with and I needed to pay close attention to him since I never knew what the hell he was going to do.

Tristan didn't speak for a few minutes; he just chose to stare at me instead which was extremely creepy, by the way.

After a few minutes, time I spent having a mini staring contest with him (which I was totally winning, by the way), I spoke up , a bit annoyed that he wasn't saying anything and just staring at me with a creepy little knowing smile on his face, "You know, if you take a picture, it'll last longer."

He smirked at that, but didn't comment.


His eyes narrowed, "What did I tell you about calling me names, Jessica?"

"Oh, sorry... Master Asshole, is that better?" I asked, sweetly.

I squealed as he was suddenly on top of me, straddling my waist and pushing my shoulders painfully into the concrete floor.

"Do I have to go over that rule again or are you going to be able to remember how to refer to me? And, adding a rude name to it doesn't make it respectable in the least." he growled.

I glared at him, "You are such an asshole, Master."

"Good girl; I'm just going to pretend that you didn't just call me that." he grinned, the look was more sadistic than happy. "But, I hope you don't make it a habit."

I snorted, "We'll see. I'll stop calling you an asshole when you stop acting like one, how does that sound?" I asked, placing my hands on his chest and pushing as hard as I could in order to get him to get off of me, but he didn't even move an inch. "Get off of me!"

"No," he said simply, "I rather like this position... you're immobile and at my mercy which is exactly how you should be. This is a physical representation of our "relationship" if you wish to call it that; and you will always be below me. Plus, this is a position that you will soon find yourself in quite a bit, Jessica so I think you should get used to it."

"That's not likely to happen."

He smiled, "Then I will enjoy forcing you into it until you comply and do so without being asked."

"You are very delusional if you think I will ever like being in a position like this. Even if you weren't a complete ass I would still hate it."

His smile grew, "We shall see about that... stronger willed girls than you have said similar things, but I've had them willingly in this position and other submissive positions within a couple of weeks."

"Well, I think your record is about to be broken because I can't be broken."

"I've already told you this, but I will repeat myself for you, Jessica, everyone has a breaking point; it's just a matter of finding it; and believe me, I will find yours eventually. I'm quite good at it and I've had years of experience."

"Cocky bastard, aren't you?" I asked

He glared at me, but didn't comment on my insult, but I suspected I would pay for it later, "But, now that I got you in the perfect position, I think it would be perfect time to go over the rest of the rules, don't you?"

I glared at him, "You have to do so while sitting on top of me?"

He shrugged but didn't reply.


"Now, the first couple of rules, you should already know since you've already been punished for not following them, but I'll repeat them anyway. First, you will always refer to me as "Master" or "Sir", although; I would prefer "Master" and you are more likely to get punished for using the other term. You will refer to every other vampire as Ma'am or Sir depending on the gender, of course. Second, there will be no use of foul language, especially the word "fuck", you are a young lady and should not be using such disgusting language. You know what will happen to you if you use that word, Jessica, but I can guarantee that the punishment will be much worse next time around so I would advise you not to utter it while in my presence. Most other curse words are acceptable as long as they are used when appropriate and not abused. If you annoy me with them though, I will punish you for it."

Calling me all sorts of names is fine since I find it to be entertaining, but you should be aware that if you do so too much I will punish you for it and if you do so in front of guests then I will punish you for it and it will be twice as worse and twice as long. Third, you are to do as you are told at all times regardless of what you are asked to do; you are only to follow the orders that I have given you. These can come from either me personally or from Cindy or Annabelle since they're the only ones that will be allowed near you in my absence, but don't worry, Jessica, you won't be out of my care long enough to attempt escape and if you try... well, let's just say you'll learn to regret that decision. Which leads me to the forth rule; one of the more obvious ones, I think. Do not try to escape; it's futile. We are miles away from civilization and even farther away from Georgia. I would find you before you made it very far anyway; I have given you my blood on two occasions and you have drunk enough that we now share a connection and I will always know where you are and what you're up to. So, I would suggest you behave even when you're not around me since I will know immediately when you break one of the rules. Those are the important rules... I'll let you know about the other ones later."

"So, pretty much... the only things I need to remember is to do what I'm told and not piss you off?" I snorted, "Ha... I live to piss people off and I have a hard time following orders."

"Then I guess you'll be living down here for most of your life then. Pity too since I had planned to allow you to share my bed, well... once you were worthy of it, of course." he smirked knowingly at me and I got the hint almost immediately. "I do have my needs, you know."

"You sick pervert!" I spat, scrunching my nose up at his words, "I will never in a million years share your bed! I'd rather sleep on hot coals then get anywhere near you and your disgusting disease filled bed. And, I would never want to get involved with the likes of you! I'm not a necrophile. You may look alive and well, but I know that you're nothing more than a walking corpse!"

He gave me that annoying knowing little smirk and I had a feeling that I wasn't the first girl who had said that and then had eaten her words later. But, I would be damned before I followed in her footsteps.

"We'll see then."

"No, we won't!" I snapped, pushing on his chest to get him to move, but just like before he didn't even budge; it was like shoving on a wall. "Now, get off of me!"

"No, I rather like this position... like I said earlier; you're completely at my mercy. I think this is the best time to get a better look at what will soon be warming my bed. I don't have anything to do or anywhere to go and neither do you obviously."

He released my shoulders, but before I could move or even attempt to do so, he had trailed his hands lightly over my upper torso until they came to rest on top of my stomach. His hands touched bare skin since my constant struggling to get him off of me had caused my shirt to ride up a bit.

The first initial contact of skin against skin made me jump slightly; his hands were cool, but not freezing cold which is what I was expecting.

"Don't touch me!" I jerked away from his touch, or at least, I tried to, but he was still sitting on me so trying to get away from him was still impossible.

He completely ignored me and continued trailing his hands up my side, pulling the shirt up as he went. As he was doing this, I tried everything in my power to get him off of me or to at least stop his hands from moving towards their destination which was obviously my heaving chest, but trying to push him off once again proved futile and he was too strong for me to even force his hands away.

He pushed the shirt up until it was lifted up above my chest; I was just glad that I had a bra on so I wasn't completely half naked in front of him now, but I had a feeling that that wouldn't last very long.

When his hands first made contact with my bra-clad breasts, I jerked in surprise since I have never had someone touch me there before and it was a very odd sensation. Splitting my time between work and school meant I barely had time to go out and have a little fun, let alone actually date someone seriously enough to get this intimate.

His touch didn't feel bad like I had wanted it to be since it would have been a lot easier to push him away had I not liked it; it just felt odd. Even if it was sensation that wasn't all that bad, I still didn't like him touching me in such an intimate way. It made me feel dirty, "I said don't touch me, you sick pervert!" I spat as grabbed hold of his wrists and attempted to remove his hands from my chest for at least the third time.

He merely chuckled at my outburst, "What's the matter, Jessica? Don't like it when I touch you like this? Well, if you don't like this then you really aren't going to like what I'm about to do. I know I said I wasn't going to do this yet, but I just can't fight the temptation anymore... I just have to have a taste."

I watched in disgust and horror as his head descended towards mine; his fangs were out and looking very sharp, not to mention deadly and they were quickly heading towards the only possible destination: my very exposed neck.

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