Mrs. Moving On



1. The Beginning

My story begins before the present, it starts even before my birth. My story starts on my mothers birthday, she was turning fifteen. It was also the day that she meet. Carter, my dad. They meet at some park. My mother was sitting at a bench listening to music and he came up to her and said hi. She then proceeded to be friends with him for years. At their senior prom he got up onto the stage and asked her to be his girlfriend. She said yes. After collage they then went to be husband and wife. My mom was twenty two and my dad was twenty three. So after a while they did what all adults do and had sex through the next 9 months I was being created, Then at 3:57 am on June 1 1998 I was born.

My mom had gone to parenting classes before she had me and had meet one of her best friends. She said that her son who was three years older than me was still being naughty so she was taking a parent class to try and see a way to contain him. I grew up with him for along time. Then I moved away. I didn't want to but eventually I realized that I would have to move on. So I did. I moved on and didn't get too attached. Until' he found me five years later. But I am getting ahead of my self. 

His name was Andy. He was always being musical and we clicked instantly. He didn't care of my age or gender. He loved being my friend. That's what mattered. We were super close when our friendship came to an abrupt end. I moved all the way to California, my dad got a promotion and needed to move. I understood that much but I never quite got why I needed to go until I was older. Soon I forgot about my past so I could focus on the future. I got a job, kept myself busy and never dwelt on my situation. I was happy that way. Until my father was killed a few months ago. I loved my father, but I knew he wasn't coming home so I ignored my regret and sadness. It wouldn't be worth my tears. Instead I got engrossed in work and didn't worry about the little things in life. I worked at a record label and loved it. I got to here all of the new songs before they came out. Some of the bands even would give me extra merch and cds that they had 'lying around'. I didn't care I loved the bands and we were close friends. I got invited to parties and events. It really was fun for me. 

But I also worked myself into sickness often to the point where I couldn't come into work. For what? I didn't know. Well one day a new band was signed on to the record deal and I of course was  too sick to go into the dealership. 

Well now that we are in the present I can tell you I just got better and I can't believe who was the lead singer. If you guessed Bob Marley, your wrong. It was my old friend Andy. I didn't expect him to recognize me I had changed alot since I left and can I just say I had feelings for him and now that I see him again Those feelings haven't changed. 

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