15 & Pregnant

15 year old, Sophia Rodriguez, decides to go hang out with her friends. One night out with friends, a few drinks, and one boy, leads to her world completely changing forever.


13. Chapter Thirteen

~Sophia's P.O.V. 

I was at my locker grabbing my books for fourth period.  "Hey, babe," Luke said, kissing me on the cheek. 

"Hey," I said. 

"What do you say you and I go on a date Friday night," he suggested. 

"Another date," I asked smiling. 

"Fine, fine," he said raising his hands in the air, "we don't have to." 

"Wait, no. I want to go. I mean I'll go on a date with you," I said. 

"Great, then it's a date," he said. 

"Pick me up at 7," I suggested. 

He nodded and walked away. 

"Did I just see you with Luke Hemmings. The biggest player in this whole school," Charlotte asked me, walking up to my left side. 

"Yeah...," I said, trailing off. 

"What did he want," she asked in disgust. 

"He just wanted to know if I was available Friday; he wants to take me on a date," I explained. 

"And you said no right," she asked, crossing her arms. 

"I said...yes," I answered a little nervously, afraid of what she'll say. 

"Excuse me! I thought you hated him," she stammered. 

"I do," I said lying, "it's just I thought I'd give him a chance. I don't think he's that bad." 

"Wow, someone's changed," Charlotte said, rolling her eyes. 

"Charlotte, I haven't changed. Maybe I just wanted to give him a chance," I explained. 

"Okay, let me know how that works out," she said. 

"I will. Now come on we're going to be late for class," I said, walking away. 

We walked into our classroom and sat down in our seats. Once the bell had rung, the teacher started continuing her lecture on how math is supposed to be important in life later on. 

"Come on, this is stupid," Danny had said from the back of the classroom. He hated math and every other subject. 

"You may think that this is boring, but I think that this is important," Stephanie said. She sat in front of him. She would always ask the teacher pointless questions that didn't even have to do with what we were talking about. Some people would call her a 'teacher's pet,'

"Shut up nerd. Turn around and write down your stupid notes," Danny snapped. 

She pushed her glasses up, fixing them, turned around, and didn't say anything for the rest of the time. 

"Danny," the teacher called, "go to the office. You're getting a referral!" 

"Whatever, as long as I can get out of this class, I'm happy," he said, walking out. The door had slammed behind him, which made the teacher jump. 

She then fixed her shirt and went back to teaching. 



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