15 & Pregnant

15 year old, Sophia Rodriguez, decides to go hang out with her friends. One night out with friends, a few drinks, and one boy, leads to her world completely changing forever.


16. Chapter Sixteen

Author's Note: sorry it took me forever to update this book. I didn't think people would actually read it and like it. But thanks for everything! :) In case you have forgotten what had happened here is a quick summary: Sophia had hated Luke since the day she had laid eyes on him. But then she quickly learns that she may have feelings for him. She gets invited to his party and then ends up learning that he loves her and she loves him back. While she's staying at her best friend, Charlotte's house, she ends up going to the hospital and then learns that she is 3 weeks pregnant with Luke's child. Once her parents arrive, she tells them and they are furious with her. Her father calls her an "embarrassment to the family," and doesn't want nothing to do with her or her baby.  

I hope you enjoy this chapter! :) 


Sophia's P.O.V. 

It had been four days since I had told my parents about my pregnancy. My dad had not yet talked to me; he was still really upset with me. My mom barely talks to me anymore either. She believes that my father is right and that I was really stupid for doing this. Maybe they were right, maybe I was an embarrassment to this family. 

I heard my door open and in walked my mom; one of the people I didn't want to talk to right now. 

"Honey, can we talk," she asked me. 

"Sure," I simply answered. 

"Sophia, I'm sorry about your father. He's really upset that you had gotten yourself into this. I know that he still loves you," she said. I didn't believe any word she had said. I sat there looking out my window, trying to avoid looking at my mom. 

Before she could say anything else, my father had walked in. "Can I talk to Sophia, alone?" 

My mother nodded, walked out and closed the door behind her. I just looked out the window. 

"Sophia, I'm sorry. I was just really upset that you had gotten pregnant. I thought I had raised you better than this, and no, you aren't an embarrassment to this family. You're my only daughter and I thought that I could raise you right. You're my little girl and I promised myself that I wouldn't let anything bad happen to you," he said. 

I finally looked at him. "Dad, this was really hard for me to tell you guys, and this is going to be harder to do than it was to say. You really hurt me when you said that. I know that I had done something bad, but I can't go back in time and change it. I really thought that this wouldn't happen to me, either, but it did and there's nothing I could do." 

"You're right. I'm sorry, honey," he said, really sounding like he meant it. "Your mother and I will help you every step of the way." 

"Thank you, dad," I said, smiling. I had hugged him and he hugged me back. 

"Oh and you have your first check up on Saturday morning," he added. I nodded, smiling. 

I knew that I would have to tell Luke sooner or later. I chose to do it sooner, I would do it tomorrow at the park that we had our first date on. 

me: hey Luke, meet me tomorrow at the park. There's something important that I need to say.

I had gotten a response three minutes later. 

Luke <3: babe, is everything okay? :/

me: yeah, just meet me there tomorrow please. 

Luke <3: okay. 



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