15 & Pregnant

15 year old, Sophia Rodriguez, decides to go hang out with her friends. One night out with friends, a few drinks, and one boy, leads to her world completely changing forever.


5. Chapter Five

~Sophia's P.O.V. 

It was the Friday night, the night of Luke's party. I wasn't planning on going to his party, because it seemed like it was going to be lame. I just layed there in my bed, staring at the ceiling, when my phone buzzed. I picked it up and realized that it was Charlotte who texted me. I opened the message. 

Charlotte: hey what are you doing tonight? 

Me: nothing, probably watch a couple movies on Netflix and eat food. 

Charlotte: not anymore. You're coming with me to Luke's party, whether you like it or not.

Me: whyyy?? You know I don't want to go! :( 

Charlotte: too bad. I'm picking you up. Be ready around 7.

I looked at the clock and it was 5:30pm, which meant I only had an hour and a half to get ready. I groaned and rolled out of bed to take a shower. I walked into my bathroom and blasted the radio. 

As soon as I got out, I dried off and wrapped the towel around me, and walked out and into my room. I opened my closet and started looking for something to wear. I went through my clothes until I found something. I chose to wear a strapless silver beaded dress that went down to mid thigh. I wore silver heels with the dress. I decided to leave my hair naturally curly.

I was finally ready and headed downstairs to wait for Charlotte to pick me up. I looked at the clock and it was 6:55pm. 

She had showed up exactly at 7. I walked outside and got into her car. I buckled up and we were on our way to the party.

 "Why are you making me go," I asked. 

"Because you had nothing to do and I had no one to go with," Charlotte answered.

"I didn't even want to go," I mumbled. 

"Just do it for me. You don''t even have to see him," she said. 

"Fine," I replied. 

We had arrived to the party and walked inside. I could see a whole bunch of people dancing and drinking. Luke's house was huge!

He had two staircases that spiraled up to the second floor. He had a huge living room and kitchen. It seemed like he was a millionaire! 

"Sophia," Charlotte said, snapping her fingers, trying to get my attention. 

"What," I asked, looking at her. 

"You okay, you like spaced out or something," she asked. 

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said. 

"Let's go party," she said, walking to the mob of dancers. I followed her and we started dancing to the songs that were playing by the DJ. 

We had danced for hours until someone came up from behind me and put their hands on my waist. I quickly turned around and they let their hands drop to their sides. 

Without a doubt, I saw that it was Luke. 

"Hey babe, you made it," he said. 

"I wasn't planning on coming. Someone dragged me here," I responded. 

'Well you look fucking sexy as hell," he said, eyeing my body. He kept staring at me. 

"My eyes are up here," I snapped. 

"Right, well I have a surprise for you. Meet me upstairs at 9. I'll be waiting," he said winking. 

I turned around and continued dancing with Charlotte. 

Who knows why he wants me upstairs.


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