15 & Pregnant

15 year old, Sophia Rodriguez, decides to go hang out with her friends. One night out with friends, a few drinks, and one boy, leads to her world completely changing forever.


8. Chapter Eight

~Sophia's P.O.V. 

It was the end of the school day and I was at my locker putting my books away when a pair of arms had wrapped around my waist. "Hey, babe," the voice said. I turned around, his arms still wrapped around me, and saw that it was Luke. 

"Hey," I said, with a smile. 

"You ready," he asked. 

"Yeah, where are we going," I asked. 

"It's a surprise," he answered. I smiled and we walked out of the school together. We had walked down the street and turned a few corners and ended up at Luke's house. 

"What are we doing here," I asked. 

"I just need to stop and get something," he said, "follow me." 

I followed him inside and we ended up going upstairs to his room. He opened his closet door and pulled out a basket. 

"Oh my gosh," I said, "are we going on a picnic?" 

"Yeah," he said, smiling. "Surprise," he added. 

I ran up to him and hugged him. 

We walked downstairs and left his house. We had walked to the park and set up our picnic there. We were the only one's there, which made it even better. We had ate some sandwiches and he set up some flowers in a vase in between us. 

"Why are you so romantic," I asked him, smiling. 

"Because I'm with the most sexiest girl in the world, and I want to make this a night you will never forget," he responded. 

"I love you so much," I said. 

"I love you too, babe," he replied. 

After we ate, the sun was almost fully gone. It was starting to get warm and there was a slight breeze in the air. 

"Come here," Luke said, grabbing my arm to help me up. 

"Where are we going," I asked, laughing. 

"Over here," he said, motioning to the park. We ran over to the swings. 

"Sit down, I'll push you," he said pointing a swing. 

I did as told and he started pushing me, until I was high in the air. He stopped and sat on the other one and started swinging himself. 

In just a few seconds he was already going the same speed as me. I felt as if we were back in our younger years. 

After a while, we both stopped and went over to the slides. I had went down first, Luke following me after. We started playing tag soon after. 

"I'm going to get you," Luke yelled, behind me. 

"No you won't," I said. 

I ran up to the slide and started sliding down it. I got up and started running. 

Luke had grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him. I could hear him heavily breathing. 

He leaned in and kissed me on the lips, and then said, "I got you." 

I smiled and nodded a 'yes.' 

We had noticed that the sun was completely gone and the moon was high in the sky. We walked back to where we left our basket and blanket. We sat there watching the sky and talking about the most pointless things. 

He then lied down on the blanket underneath us and I laid next to him. His body was right next to mine and it seemed as if he was giving me all of his body heat.

We gazed up at the sky and just looked at the stars. He had put his arm around me and I nuzzled into his chest. I felt as if I didn't want the night to end. I wanted time to stop and to be left only with Luke.

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