Cell phone swap.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.
"Hey, who over this is, you have my phone" a British voice said.

What happens when you have the same phone, lockscreen/homescreen, and password as a famous person? Jade finds out how that is.


2. Mikes party. Yipee.

Mikes parties usually end out with cops showing up. But, now I have to help set it up, great.


"Aye! Ladies!" Mike said meeting us at the door.


"You were waiting for us, weren't you?" Lilly said. I just laughed and walked past him.


Once they followed me inside we got to work. I hung decorations, Ava did snacks, and Lilly.. well, she had to put condoms in drawers and put a bunch of toilet paper in the bathrooms. I laughed so hard when she came into the room Ava and I were in with a bunch of condoms in her pockets and in her shirt while she tried to hold 4 more boxes.


"Do you think he bought enough?!" Lilly shouted as she threw a box at me. I was laughing way to hard at that point.


Once we were finished we all went to the couch and chilled.


"Jade! Would you like to try out one of the rooms your friend set up?" He said with a wink and a smirk.


I laughed even harder, "Not even in your dreams," once I said that, everyone laughed so hard when I said that.


We looked at the time and decided that it was time for us to get into our costumes. Mike handed us bags with our names on it, and we went to one of the rooms. We laughed when we saw our costumes. I am supposed to be dressed as a "naughty girl Santa" is what it said. Lilly's costume was the "queen of hearts" costume, it wasn't very showy like mine, but it still showed. Ava's costume was a "naughty school girl" but he made it so it would cover her boobs and butt they way she would like it to.


*DING DONG* we all heard the doorbell ring and I had to run down the stairs and get the door. That was also my job because everyone likes me and when people saw me, they would get more people to come.


"Dang Jade! You're looking good!" Mikes best friend, Josh, said to me as he walked into the house.


"I know I do, what're you supposed to be?" I asked him.


"I'm a zombie football player, duh!" He yelled while he fist pumped the air. I laughed and gave him a hug. He's the quarterback, I'm the head cheerleader. Stereotypes' say we should be together, but we are more like siblings. We got each others backs through everything. We fight each other and we make fun of each other.


"LETS PARTY!" He screamed and I laughed.

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