Cell phone swap.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.
"Hey, who over this is, you have my phone" a British voice said.

What happens when you have the same phone, lockscreen/homescreen, and password as a famous person? Jade finds out how that is.


3. ilike parties

You know those parties that your parents warn you about? Well, those are baby parties to me. Mikes parties are middle school levels for me. But, this party, is my kind of party. I guess because I helped make it happen.


I put my phone down on the coffee table and started to drink my bottle of water. I may be a partier, but I'm the only one who can drive home. I'm not going to risk anyone's lives while I'm driving.


I went to grab my phone and walk away when I bumped into someone. "Watch it fuck tard!" I screamed the person. He was wearing a hoodie and a snapback. "Sorry love" he murmured and walked away. That's strange. Usually they say, "Fuck off Jade haha" or "Suck my dick Jade!"


Whatever. It's 2 in the morning and I want to go home.


"Lilly! Ava! We are leaving!" I said through the microphone. They came stumbling out of the kitchen while laughing their asses off.


 Once we got home, I was out. I didn't even make it to my bed before I just passed out. I didn't care, I like the couch.


I finally woke up to Ava moaning as she walked to the kitchen.


"Good morning sunshine" I said while laughing at her smeared make up all over her face.


"Fuck you cunt" she mumbled while I laughed harder.


"When and where, babe" I said while winking at her and laughing some more.


"If y'all don't shut the fuck up. I'm killing you both!" Lilly yelled and came into the kitchen.


Did I ever mention that me and my twin live alone. Our parents have another house, yes we have money, we respect our house like our parents still live in it.


"Y'all, shut up" I said and made myself a bole of cereal. They laughed and made them something to eat and grabbed some meds.


I walked into the living room just as my phone started to ring.


Phone Conversation

Me : M

Person : P


M : Hey Hey Hey!

P : Who is this?

M : The fuck you calling me to ask who I am, last time I checked, you called me dumbass.

P : Look princess, you have my phone. I want it back. I have your phone.

M : The fuck, no I don't!

P : Look through the pictures.

M : Fine. But, they are all pictures of me and my... WHAT THE FUCK!

P : See, that's my phone.

M : I want my phone back. Now.

P : Same.

M : Meet me at the chick-ful-a on *random road name*.

P : Fine. 10 tonight.

M : Why not now?

P : I have my reasons.

M : Who are you anyways?

P : Oh, my name is Harry, Harry Styles. And yours?

M : Jade, Jade Moon.

P : See you at 10, Jade, I'm going to have fun looking through all your pictures now. Bye, love.


*Phone call ends*

Damn it.

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