Cell phone swap.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.
"Hey, who over this is, you have my phone" a British voice said.

What happens when you have the same phone, lockscreen/homescreen, and password as a famous person? Jade finds out how that is.


4. I want MY cellphone

I tried to call Harry back, but that didn't work as well as I thought it would.


Finally after an hour, he called me back.



Me : J

Harry : H


H : You rang, love?

I laughed at his British voice trying to be American.

J : Yes, how did you enjoy my selfies?

H : Oh yes love, I did. I had so my fun looking at your beach pictures also. You have a very sexy body. I could just ma-

I cut him off.

J : Don't fucking go there.

He chuckled at my sudden outburst.

J : I can't wait to get rid of your phone and have mine back. Has anyone texted or called me?

H : Yeah, a couple people have. Don't worry, I didn't respond to them, or read them. I'm not that nosy.

J : Thank you for not disrespecting my privacy. Means a lot.

H : Have you looked through my pictures yet? You'd love them.

J : Are you sure you're okay with me looking at them?

H : Go ahead, love. I looked through yours so it's only right that you through mine!

J : Alright, I'll call you when I'm done looking at them then.

H : Alright, love. I'll talk to you when you're done. Bye bye.


*Hangs up the phone*


I search his phone looking for his pictures until I finally found them. I clicked on the photo app and then clicked his gallery.


I clicked out of it once I got through 10 pictures and realized who this guy was.


I have Harry Edward Styles fucking phone.


What the fuck.


I have to see him in like, 4 hours.


Kill me.


Stab me.




I fucking hate his bad. The only reason why I know his full name is because all of his bands names and his are all over Ava's fucking wall in her fucking room.


Sorry for all the fucks that I don't give right now.


UHG. Maybe the lovely twin I have will do it for me.. Wait, we don't have the same color hair.... Fuck FUck FUCk FUCK.



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