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I once again was tricked. But this time it was different, he left me. Alone. It all started when I was 18.

"Come on, the dress can't be that bad." Wennie said while waiting for me to come out of the dressing room. "It is that bad." I said flattening the dress. "Oh, just come out, we need to get to the party!" I slowly walked out. "No, this is a black dress, it's too tight, and little." I crossed my arms over my chest. "You look hot, Jayden." I sighed "I'm buying it for you." She looked to her right. "And these heels." I dropped my head. "Fine!" I threw my hands in the air. Winnie smiled."Ma'am, we will buy this one." The lady nodded her head. "You look like a hooker." The lady shook her head "excuse me, did I here you right?" She ignored me and continued fixing the dress. She finished her work. Winnie handed her a credit card," don't talk to her like that again or I'll make sure you aren't breathing." She let go of the credit card. "You look great, I would surely date you Jayden." I laughed "sure, I didn't know we were lesbians." He threw her head back. "I guess we are." The lady came back with the credit card."I guess we will get to that party." She snatched the credit card out of the lady's grip.

Hours later The music was pounding against my ears. I grabbed a cup of- uh I don't know what this is. I gulped it down. I grabbed another one and turned around. I dropped the cup on the ground. I fell into someone's arms. What was in that drink. "Are you okay. You seem hurt." His mouth moved like a caterpillar. I felt dizzy, I only had one drink. "Here, I'll help you." He hoisted me on his shoulders, His curly hair swept his face. "I think you need to lye down." I nodded. He opened a door and stepped in and screamed. I turned my head to see what it was. It was too girls in a bed. That's gross. He tried another door. He walked in and set me down on a bed."Can I stay with you, I won't try anything. I promise." I looked up at his green eyes. I nodded my head. What am I doing? He laid down next to me. "Goodnight, whatever your name is." I smiled "okay." My voiced croaked, what was in that drink?

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