Ariana Selene Destin Potter (DMLS)

Everyone knows of Harry Potter, but do they know of his twin sister, Ariana Selene Destiny Potter. Ariana grew up seperated from her brother, she never even knew she had any other family memebers, other than her god father, Severus Snape. Now, when Ariana's year at Salem goes to Hogwarts, what happens? Will she find love in her best friend, Draco Malfoy? Does she finally meet her twin, Harry? Or does everything come crashing down?


1. My Life

Every magical being knows of the-boy-who-lived; Harry James Potter. However, they don’t know of his twin sister; Ariana Selene Destiny Potter.


Ariana was a carbon copy of her mother; Lily Evans (Potter). Ariana had beautiful velvet-red hair that fell in curls down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were a luminous emerald green, her lips were a perfect shade of pink, and her skin was flawless. She was beautiful.


During the night of the attack, one-year-old Ariana was sleeping soundly next to her twin brother Harry, when she was awoken by her mother’s terrified screams and pleading. Little Ariana didn’t know her father was already dead. When Ariana opened her eyes, the last thing she saw was a bright, blinding green flash.




“What are we going to do with them? We can’t send them to an orphanage," a  hushed voice whispered.


“The boy will go to Lily’s sister, Petunia. Ariana, on the other hand....... I don’t know where she'll go," another voice whispered.


“Why can’t they both go to Petunia?” the first voice whispered.


“The twins can’t know of each other. The boy, Harry, is a hero; he can bring us fame. He has the scar, he has to be the Chosen One of the prophesy.”  The other voice whispered back.


The first hushed voice sighed and said, “The girl can go to a friend of mine; she has always wanted a daughter.”

“Yes, yes. As long as they don’t meet. The Chosen One can’t have any weaknesses for Voldemort," the other voice agreed.


“Would I be allowed to visit them?” The first hushed voice asked.

“Yes, the girl. But no, you mustn't visit the boy. He is destined for greatness, Remus.” The other voice said.

“But, Dumbledore, he is my best friend’s son,” Remus said.


“I don’t care, he needs to grow up in a hard environment, so he isn’t spoiled; and so he knows who he should respect!” Dumbledore yelled.
Just as Remus opened his mouth to respond back a voice interrupted. “I don’t think the ministry would be happy about a conspiracy going on behind their backs,” Into the dim light stepped Severus Snape.


“Snape, what are you doing here?” asked Dumbledore.


“I heard about the… attack. I wanted to check on my god daughter and her brother. But it seems you two have already done that.” Snape smirked.


“Listen Snape. We go down, you go down with us. Think you can threaten to tell the ministry about Dumbledore and I? Well we will tell the ministry about you and your Death Eater experiences,” said Remus.


“I don’t care. I am legally the girl's guardian, so no matter what you tell the ministry she is mine,” Snape retorted.

“Not like we care. It’s the boy with the prophesy, not the girl. We just need her out the way,” said Dumbledore.


“Okay, Ariana will go to Salem Institute,” said Snape.


“Which one? The one in the states or the one in Australia?”  asked Dumbledore.


“The one in Australia.” said Snape.


“Good. That’s far away enough. Good day gentlemen.” Dumbledore left through the door.


“I just can’t believe you, one of James’s best friends, would use his son for fame," said Snape in exasperation.


“James was always a pain in the arse. Always the more popular one, the one with girls, the one with the best grades. We were basically 'James and the group'. THE GROUP! Now he’s finally gone, so is Sirius, and Peter ran away like the coward he is. I can finally rise to fame!" cried Remus in victory.


“That old coot is turning you mad.” Severus smirked.


“Go get your god daughter from St. Mungo’s, Severus.” Remus retorted.


“Good Bye, Mad Moony.” Severus smirked and apparated.
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