A Moment of Me

This is a moment of me. In this story you can see how I'm feeling through the random scenes I write. These scenes are things that I just feel like writing. I hope you like my creative "sketch pad"


2. The Stopped Car and the Bathroom Emergency

I was sitting in the backseat of my mom's car with my laptop. I was bored out of my mind. Bored of YouTube, pinterest, Facebook, and movellas. My family was going on a road trip to Kansas. #BORING. I sighed and looked over at my older brother, who was fast asleep. My mom and dad were talking about some boring politics thing. 

"Only about five more hours," Mom said.

I groaned and sunk down lower into my seat. I had tried falling asleep a million times, but I just wasn't tired. Also, I hated sleeping anywhere except in a bed (or sleeping bag) because I would looked ugly. However, as we drive past dirt fields I really didn't have much of an option, I closed my eyes and fell into an uncomfortable sleep. 


I woke up when the car lurched forwards unexpectedly. 

"GAH!" I grumbled/shrieked. 

My brother Marcus was laughing at something on his phone. He chuckled and turned the phone around for me to see. Displayed on the screen was a picture of me sleeping. My hair was all messed up and my mouth was open with a strong of drool falling down my chin. I took a grab for Marcus' phone, but I couldn't reach it. I wiped my mouth and put my hair into a low ponytail. Despite the heat I tugged on a sweatshirt and put the hood up so no one could see my hair. 

That's when I realized that the car wasn't moving.

"Why aren't we driving?" I asked.

"Out of gas," my dad said shortly.

"WHAT!" I shrieked, "Well, call a toe truck or something!"

"There's no reception out here," My mom told me. 

"So, we're stuck here until Marcus gets hungry and eat all of us then dies of AIDS?" I asked.

My dad laughed and I wanted to punch him.

"This is not funny!" I shouted.

I looked down at my lap.

"I have to pee!" I whispered.

Marcus cracked up. He clutched his sides and howled. 

"It's not funny!" I screamed at him.

"Just go outside," Mom told me.

"Excuse me!" I hollered, " I am not peeing out there in the dirt!"

"Then you'll have to hold it for a long time," Dad said.

"Just don't piss your pants," Marcus told me.

I glared at him and shuffled lower into my seat. My mom drummed on the steering wheel. We all went back to our normal bored car ride activities, waiting for a car to come by so we could get a ride to somewhere that has cell phone reception and call a toe truck. After thirty minutes I was jiggling like mad. I really had to go. Marcus saw me and starting to make water sounds.

"shh drip drip plop. trickle trickle. Think of waterfalls, streams, and rivers," He took a big gulp of water form a water bottle, "Want some water?"

I punched him in the shoulder. He kept annoying me for another ten minutes until I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it any longer.

"I need to go so bad!" I whimpered.

"Then go," Mom said.

I whimpered and stepped out of the car. I walked behind the car in the dirt and yanked down my pants. I plugged my ears so I wouldn't be able to hear my family. I peed and when I stood up I turned around to see my family and a group of teenage boys who had been driving and seen our stopped car. All of them had seen my naked butt. And now I needed to sit in their car for a very long time until our car could move again. It was going to be a rough afternoon, I thought as I saw the boys and my brother laugh at my embarrassed face.

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