A Moment of Me

This is a moment of me. In this story you can see how I'm feeling through the random scenes I write. These scenes are things that I just feel like writing. I hope you like my creative "sketch pad"


6. Draw My Life

(This is fake dudes!!!) -KlairieKat


Ok, so here we go. I was born in the middle of the winter when there was huge snowstorm and then POP yay a baby!!! So my mom and my dad had a baby and they were super happy! It was super fun for a while and I had two older brothers who loved me a lot!!! So I was in my home and everything was happy, but my parents got divorced when I was three and no one ever saw my dad again until many years later. So my mom didn't have that much money. She was pretty desperate and she met this guy who had a big job opportunity. So she worked there for a year and she had twins with him. Everyone was happy and we where like YAY there's a Charlie and Chelsea in the family! So then  that guy had another baby boy (Mike) with my mom the next year. But that guy was actually a jerk and he left my mom and fired her. I was seven and my my oldest brother Henry was only ten, which isn't old enough to get money. My other brother Chase was nine and he obviously couldn't get a job either. So my mom was left with six kids, and no job. So we didn't have much money, food, or clothes. We were working really hard on supporting the family. Then my mom got pregnant one last time with some idiot from the part time job she was working at Walgreen's. So she was pregnant, but the baby was a still-born. R.I.P Violet! So then  we were really struggling and life was pretty much terrible. There were seven kids and a single mom with a part time job at Walgreen's we obviously didn't have enough money. Then the government came in and said my mom couldn't take care of the seven of us. So I was in foster care for a really long time with Henry, Chase, Charlie, Chelsea, and Mike. It was hard to find someone who would adopt seven kids, so it was terrible. Finally we were adopted!!! A nice couple (Mom and Dad!!!) adopted us. They had a big house and lots of love. YAY!!!  So Henry was nineteen (out of the foster system when we were adopted with 18 year old Chase), I was sixteen, Charlie and Chelsea were twelve, and Mike was eleven. So after that some stuff happened and YAY we had a good family. I got to still talk with my biological mom, who was really, really sorry for not being able to take care of me. Now I'm almost eighteen and I'm planning on growing to Michigan State or Duke. That's my life so far!!!

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