A Constant New Story

Have you ever been a teenage girl with a constant change in point of views. That must be difficult to understand, you may even think, what does it mean? Well Serenity thought she had it all figured out, she thought from the start that this is just the way things have to be and there is no escape till death. She thought her humanity would just slip through her fingers and she would just go insane if she had to move one more time. But what happens when she moves, to a place with a whole new lifestyle she just cant escape. Will she go insane? Will she end it all? Or will she just have to let her old self go and live a little? You'll have to read A Constant New Story, to find out.


4. The man

I looked ahead at what seems to be a man standing there by the sidewalk. He also seems to be staring back at me as well. I'm not sure what to do, Im a bit flustered, any normal being would quickly walk away, but something's telling me not to, why? He's just standing there, all dressed in black, from this far though it's hard to tell by the appearance of his face, he seems quite tan from here though. Then all of the sudden I feel Lillian grab my hand tightly and ask, "why are we just standing here? That man... He's scary. Let's go, please, let's go somewhere else!" I look at her with gentle eyes than look back up at the man, but he was gone. No trace of him whatsoever. He was just standing right there! He couldn't of even ran that face without me seeing it, I only looked at her for like two seconds! Who was that man anyway, I almost had this sense of familiarity about him, even though I could barely see his face. I shake off the weirdness and tighten my grib on Lillian's hand and continue our walk. I wonder what city we're in? It never occurred to me to check the welcome sign, I was to startled by that man. I then look up at different store sign, usually some store signs will have the city name on it. But I couldn't find a city name no matter how much I checked. But then I felt someone touch me, this cold hand on my shoulder and a whisper In my ear, "run, dear, run." 

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