A Constant New Story

Have you ever been a teenage girl with a constant change in point of views. That must be difficult to understand, you may even think, what does it mean? Well Serenity thought she had it all figured out, she thought from the start that this is just the way things have to be and there is no escape till death. She thought her humanity would just slip through her fingers and she would just go insane if she had to move one more time. But what happens when she moves, to a place with a whole new lifestyle she just cant escape. Will she go insane? Will she end it all? Or will she just have to let her old self go and live a little? You'll have to read A Constant New Story, to find out.


6. The Hug

    I was confused, the last thing I remember is just falling asleep in the woods, why was he just walking in the middle of the woods like that. Lillian was still asleep, so for now I'll just let her rest. I look down and realize I'm all wrapped up in a soft blanket, did that guy, Daniel, put this on me? I slowly took off the blanket and realized how cold I was so I quickly put it back on. Soon before I knew it, a lady walked in. She was tall with brunette hair, and hazel eyes. I could tell she was Daniels mom and she was really pretty compared to her age. I wish I could be that pretty one day. I then realize she had two big plates of food in her hands and I instantly felt bad and embarrassed . She smiled politely and said, "don't worry dear, it's just food. You guys look starving, it's my pleasure, please eat." I   then sightly smiled and nodded as I accepted the food. I then decided it's probably best to wake up Lillian to get her to eat some. I gently shook her and whispered her name. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around with confusion written all over her face. I smiled a little to comfort her, and I whispered to her, "everything's going to be okay, I'll tell you everything later." She nodded and I handed a plate full of  food to her and she looked please to see a nice cooked meal in front of her, and I'll admit I was to. It's been awhile since someone else has cook for me, my mom hasn't since before our dad died.  So it felt nice to have someone else cook besides myself. It tastes really good to, Daniel and his mom joined us while we were eating, and even though I refused to really talk, it felt like a family for a couple of minutes. It soon past  after the family was done with the meal. I looked to my side to what appears to be a clock and I checked what time it was, 10:37 A.M. Wow, so that was breakfast then. I thought it would've been night or something. Daniels mom the said, "well I'm Daniels mom as you've probably guessed, our last name is Teraren, if you were curious, but you can just call me by my first name, Hazel." Wow should've figured Hazel eyes and Hazel name. She walked out a little disappointed I think cause instead of saying my name back I just nodded. I honestly didn't want to speak or do anything at this moment. Daniel then came to sit next to me and said, "so, why were you in the woods anyway." I wanted to tell him everything, about my dad dying, and my mom becoming like a prostitute drunk that's dating her abusive drunk boyfriend, and that we    ran away and about that man chasing us and we don't know where we are, but it never came out. I couldn't say anything, the words just wouldn't form on my mouth. He also looked disappointed, he then said with a achieving look, "one day you'll trust me, just you wait, I'll never let you be alone." I then mumbled my name. But he didn't hear me and asked me, "what?" And then spoke a bit louder, "I'm scarlet, and my sister is, Lillian." He then embraced me in a hug that felt so warm I could almost melt away all of my fears, it was so sincere.


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