A Constant New Story

Have you ever been a teenage girl with a constant change in point of views. That must be difficult to understand, you may even think, what does it mean? Well Serenity thought she had it all figured out, she thought from the start that this is just the way things have to be and there is no escape till death. She thought her humanity would just slip through her fingers and she would just go insane if she had to move one more time. But what happens when she moves, to a place with a whole new lifestyle she just cant escape. Will she go insane? Will she end it all? Or will she just have to let her old self go and live a little? You'll have to read A Constant New Story, to find out.


3. Runaways


              We need to leave soon! "Mom" wants to move tomorrow, so we have to leave tonight. I don't know where we'll go, but I guess its just one of those things you figure out along the way. I grab two duffle bags from the closet and pack all of Lillians clothes, a few blankets, and her stuffed animal dog in it. In the other duffle bag I pack a few of my clothes, a couple blankets and sneak into the kitchen and grab some food and steal some of Todds money from his wallet, a lot of money actually, 453 dollars to be exact. Only to get us by, till I could get a part time job, to actually think about it, its really not that much. A couple of hours pass by and in those hours I also explained everything to Lillian. She asked a ton of questions but soon I suppose she'll understand. To be honest I've always wanted to be adventurous like this, even somewhat dangerous, I guess this is my chance to be! But I still need to protect Lillian, no matter what. I might want to be dangerous but not so that it costs her pain. She will be safe, with me, I hope. Finally it has darkened outside, the cool breeze came in through are bedroom windows which felt like an exciting adventure just waiting are arrival. I throw our bags outside the window, and jump down with them, then I whisper up to Lillian, "Jump, i'll catch you, please trust me." She was hesitating at first but then she closed her eyes and jumped, and I caught her just like I said I would. I carry my duffle bag and help her carry hers as well. I'm not sure where were going to go but I guess we'll just go wherever the road takes us. Me and Lillian continue to walk along side the road, but hidden so no police can see us and take us back to mother. We continue for a measly two hours and stop for a break, Lillian was exhausted since she's only still a six year old. I give her a sip of water and I take a sip as well, if we're going to survive, we have to use our supplies wisely. We continue to walk a little until we hear police sirens, we quickly hide in some bushes and stay there for about a half an hour, you can never be to cautious when it comes to something like that. After a few more hours of walking and then also carrying Lillian on my back, I stop and check my watch, 3:00 A.M. Wow, we've been walking for quite some time. When I looked up I noticed something, we were in a new city..,." who's that over there?"

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