is it love?

I made a huge mistake, well now I've got a big secret I'm hiding, but I'm also falling in love with a boy who's always loved me from afar but thought I was too good for him will I be able to change his mind or will he be shipped off to his father


1. prolog

I made a HUGE mistake, something I could never take back, I worry about what would happen if the truth ever really did get out. But then I do really know what would happen I would be called a whore and a slut and be hated. Worst of all is my boyfriend and I have been dating for seven months, every day I fall more in love with him. My heart wants to tell him what I did, but it would break him, he's already been hurt by the people closest to him which is why I don't want to keep secrets but then no matter what one of us is in pain, for now I've decided to be that one but I don't know how much longer I can keep my secret.

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