Brother Styles

Reagan lost her mother and father when she was 6, to a car accident. This same car accident left her paralyzed from the waist down and an orphan. One day, Reagan meets a certain arrogant curly haired guy from the "big brother" program. Will they actually learn to like each other? (I know this sounds bad, but please give it a chance)


1. Sunnyside Orphanage

Let me just say, being crippled sucks. The worst part isn't the struggle of doing simple tasks, or even the pain sometimes associated with physical therapy, it's the pity.

The pity is the worst part because not only do people look at you like a kicked puppy, but they don't treat you like you want. Like normal. They feel obligated to help you do every simple task, as if they did this to you. I know for a fact they didn't so all this does is piss me off.

Sorry, I should probably tell you more about myself before I really go off. My names Reagan, and I'm 15 years old. When I was 12 I was in an accident that killed my family and left me in this stupid wheelchair.

Since I lost my parents, and anyone else in my life just doesn't care enough to take care of me, I got dropped off here. Sunnyside orphanage? More like government funded hell. This place is a dump, and not at all suited for someone in a wheelchair. Lucky, I only have a few more years in here till I'm gone without another glance back.

Suddenly I see someone snapping their fingers in my face. I look up and sigh, I often zone out. "What." I say irritated.

Angela, my roommate, sighs and says, "Finally. Ms. Bridges wants to speak to you. I think you're in trouble or something." She waves it off and goes to her bed. I shoot her a glare and roll out of the room. Thankfully, I wasn't on the second floor.

I get to her office and knock on the door. She says nothing so I open the door anyways, not really caring if she was busy or not. She looked up through her cat eyed glasses and nodded.

Ms. Bridges is a Ms. for a reason. What with the over bleached blonde hair, less than healthily skinny body, and hideous purple cat eye glasses, she's lucky to even get the occasional glance. Even if it is from horror. The woman's got more wrinkles then a raisin. Don't get me wrong, she's nice, but that's about it.

I head up next to her desk and pull the brake. She looks at me and smiles a small smile. "Hello Reagan. I bet you're wondering why I've asked Angela to call you in here." I shrugged and she took it as a sign to continue. "You have been selected to be the next little sister in the Big Brother, Little Sister program! Isn't that great?"

I looked up shocked. This was my opportunity. The Big Brother Little Sister program took one underprivileged kid a summer and they go to the others house. It's all for promotion, but it still means getting out of here.

"When can I meet them?" I said almost giddy. I sat up a little straighter.

She smiled and looked at me. "That's why I called you in here. They're coming tomorrow."

"Okay. I can do that. I just need to pack."

"That's great. Do you...."

"No. I can do it by myself." She nodded and dismissed me. I rolled back to my room and saw Andrea jamming out to her mp3 she got last christmas.

I grabbed my suitcase and carried it to my bed. The process of packing my clothes took a long time. Not because I had a lot to pack, but because our closet is UNBELIEVABLY small and hard to get to.

Once I was done, it was about 11 pm and I decided to get to bed a little early. Slowly, I put my suitcase on the ground and dragged myself into bed. I sighed and shut off the lamp before going to sleep.

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