Brother Styles

Reagan lost her mother and father when she was 6, to a car accident. This same car accident left her paralyzed from the waist down and an orphan. One day, Reagan meets a certain arrogant curly haired guy from the "big brother" program. Will they actually learn to like each other? (I know this sounds bad, but please give it a chance)


3. Not What I Expected

"Suprise?" Harry said. I looked at him with a mixture of confusion, and I hate to say it, fear.

He looked at me and could clearly tell I was uncomfortable. By now, all of the 5 boys were standing all around me. "Guys, this is Rea. She's my new little sister for the summer. Remember?" I looked up to him anxiously.

One of the boys, the one with the rugged hair and scruff (Louis) nodded. "Ya, we remember, right boys?" He looked uneasily through the group before his eyes landed on me. He smiled and held out his hand. "Hey Rea, I'm Louis." He smiled brightly and I shook his hand.

The next boy to walk up had black hair and a wedding ring. "I'm Zayn. If you need anything, just ask." I nodded and thanked him.

The boy with the blonde hair who opened the door waved. "I'm Niall. How're you?" I smiled. So far, he was my favorite besides Harry.

"A little nervous, but other than that I'm fine." He nodded and put his hands in his pockets.

The last one left, (Liam) shrugged and looked at me. "Don't be scared. We don't bite." I chuckled lightly.

Harry looked at me and put a hand on my shoulder. I quickly looked at him. "Well, now that everyone's introduced, let's get you a room." I looked at him and nodded. He looked at the stairs worriedly then back to me.

"Um, all the bedrooms are upstairs. We could try and make the office into a bedroom if that's okay." I nodded and patted him on the arm.

He looked down and I motioned him to cole closer. He knelt down and quietly asked. "Where's the bathroom?"

Niall answered before he could and pointed towards a hallway. "Go down that hall and it's the first door on the left."

"Thanks." I said as I headed towards there. Zayn moved out of the way so I could get through.

Once I got to the bathroom, it took me a while, but I did my business and got out.

Once I came back into the living room, all of the boys were sitting and watching the telly, so I joined them. It looked like some weird crime drama, so I half watched, half daydreamed.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, my stomach rumbled. I looked down and back at the guys sheepishly. Liam chuckled and smiled. "Ready for some lunch? I don't mind making some."

At that, Niall perked up and looked at Liam. "Will you make grilled cheese and tomato soup? You make it really good and cheesy." Liam chuckled and stood up. I decided to follow him seeing as I wasn't really watching the program.

We went into the kitchen, which was surprisingly clean for a house of 5 guys. He smiled when he saw I had followed him to help. "What can I do?" I asked.

He pointed to the fridge. "Grab the cheese and tomatoes, and basil please?" I nodded and rolled to the fridge. After I grabbed the ingredients, I went to the sink to wash the veggies.

Once I got there though, I got discouraged. I couldn't exactly reach the sink. "Liam," I said with a frustrated sigh. He looked up from the cabinet of pans and saw my dilemma.

Wordlessly he walked over and started washing them for me. I thanked him and he shrugged. "Don't worry about it. I'm happy to help okay?" I smiled.

"Thanks." I said. He nodded and handed me the washed veggies. He set a cutting board down on the island and a knife. I realized what he was doing. He was setting up a station for me to sit at.

With a grin gleaming on my face, he picked me up as if I was a feather, and placed me in one for the bar seats. He looked at me. "You good?" I nodded and began cutting the veggies.

About halfway through my job, Zayn walked in and smiled at me. "Hey Rea. What's cooking?" Liam turned and grinned before attending back to the cooking sandwiches.

"Grilled cheese and tomato soup." I said before sliding the tray of cut veggies to Liam. He took them and slid them in the bot of boiling soup.

Zayn nodded. "It smells really good guys." Liam smiled and handed him a bowl and plate.

He gratefully took it and I took the time to yell, "Food!!!" They all ran in like a frenzy and tomato sauce was flying.

Niall handed me a fixed plate and I thanked him and dug in. It was so good, and hot. Even though Ms. bridges would try to make good meals, the funding couldn't provide it. I can't tell you how many times I ate cold oatmeal.

"Rea!" I heard Louis yell. I looked back at them and they were all staring at me.

"Huh?" I asked. Harry chuckled and stood up, carrying everyone's dirty dishes. He motioned to mine.

"Are you done?" I nodded and he took my plate and bowl. I thanked him and he replied. "You're welcome. It's no problem."

He put the dishes in the sink and then walked back over to me. I looks back to my dreaded wheelchair and reached for it. Harry grabbed it for me and scooted it closer, before holding his arms out. I nodded and he picked me up, placing me in my chair once again.

"Thanks." I said as I rolled towards the living room where the guys had accumulated.

"So..." Niall started. "What should we do?" We all exchanged glances, before Harry spoke up.

"I say we convert the office so Rea can have her own room tonight." A collective sound of 'yea' and 'sounds good' came from the group, and it was decided. Liam stood up quickly.

"Sounds good! Let's build a bedroom!"


Hey guys! It's Ashley here, and I just wanted to say hello! I know this is a filler chapter, but with Christmas in a day or so, I just wanted to get something up. I LOVE feedback, and any you can give is greatly appreciated! Bye for now, and if you celebrate it, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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