The planes games

Dust gets invited to play hunger games but doesn't know what he has in store....he doesn't know what it is....

Nick lopez, in this story is alive and is a firefighter like blade ranger.


2. Off to the games we go...

It was morning and dusty was still sleeping, until Maru woke him up Maru: rise and shine dusty... You have to leave remember... Dusty: *yawned* I'm up....wait... The games... Dusty rushed out and saw all of his friends from piston peak with him. Blade: we came here o make sure you have a safe trip Nick: yeah.. And make sure you *flirty* see some hot chicks while your at it... *blade glared at him* what?... I gave him advice. *blade rolled his eyes* Maru: anyway....we're here to say goodbye... Dusty: goodbye...b-but you said you'd... Dynamite: look.... It may be dangerous but you have all of us to support you Avalanche: SUPPORT YOU Dynamite: right... And I'm sure you will make new friends.. Dusty: but... What about my friends from probwash junction? Dont they know? This is getting nowhere for the poor cropduster... What will happen to them? Will they even accept him going? Blade: we've called them before but don't worry, they understand *nick nods in agreement smiling* Nick: yeah, but *nervously* I'm not sure about her over there *they looked and saw dipper sad* Dipper: why are you leaving US... leaving ME. Dusty: sorry but I had no choice... A letter got sent to me, so.... ??: it's time * they looked up and saw bravo and echo with a new plane they never saw before* Rad: the names rad, and I invited you to come try planes or as they say "hunger games", so pack up and get ready, well leave in an hour. *flies away leaving the rest, especially dusty, shocked* Blade: well, I guess this is it huh, Nick: *smiled* yeah.... Good luck dusty, *flirty* say hello to all of the babes for me huh *nudges dusty playfully* Dusty: *chuckles* okay.. I will nick.... * turns around to say goodbye* Dusty: well.. *sadly* this is it... Um... If I don't make it... Remember I will be there for you... In spirit... Dipper: *sad* don't say that... You WILL make it..., right guys? All: yeah (avalanche: YEAH YOU WILL) Blade: and make sure you contact us when you get there? Dusty: *holds back tears* yeah....I-I will.. Dynamite: and remember... All: we love you To think the last time dusty cried a long time is an understatement, he ended up in alot of tears, So many fears are in the planes mind, (will he ever see them again? Will he get killed by other planes? Will he... Will he.....).,everyone was shocked at what they experienced... Dusty hardly cries.. Wind lifter: don't cry... There are no tears in this forest as the drum speaks...... * everyone looked at him weirdly* Dusty: um.... Okay... But... *sniffs* I will miss you guys... Dipper: aww we will miss you too dust muffins. Drip: *whispers to avalanche* especially dipper *they snickered* Blade: *clears throat* I guess we all will... Uh... When are you leaving? Nick: *laughs* seriously...blazin' blade ranger... Forgot... Blade: *growls* shut it nick. *nick stopped laughing* Bravo: *clears throat* sorry for the wait but we must leave straight away... Rads orders... Dusty: oh...,i guess I will see you later....*thinks* if I do make it back... Maru: don't worry about us... We handled things fine without you.... Blade: *nodded while smiling warmly* good luck.....partner.. Nick: make sure to see the pretty ladies... *blade glares at him* oh.... And good luck Dynamite: have a safe trip Avalanche: DONT DIE dipper: *sadly* goodbye my dust muffins.... Wind lifter: may the winds be ever faithful to you.... Dusty had tears fall down his engines and he cried...,he already missed them but he haven't left yet.... He rolled over to his friends and hugged them and they hugged back, crying as well.. Bravo noticed tears falling down echoes engines as well Bravo: are you...crying Echo: no..I have something in my eye.. Okay we will leave here.... Dusty nodded and rode to them as he was ready for takeoff Dusty saw the last look of his friends and whispered "I will come back,that's a volo pro veritas" The flew off and dusty saw his friends on the ground while he is in the air, Dusty: *sadly* farewell...for now.... Or forever.... *cried* Bravo: *sympathetically* don't worry dust... You'll see them again.... Echo: like you said, volo pro veritas, . Dusty: *smiled* your right..... He flew in the sky and screamed..... "VOLO PRO VERITAS!" what will happen now? Who will he meet there? Stay tuned to find out.... TO BE CONTINUED
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