girls // l.h (16+)

Meet Maisie.

Maisie likes to read and write and sit in her room all day, she is also confined in sexual solitude. She likes long walks on the beach and watching kids fall over.

But Maisie decided to wander from her comfort zone for a night and met Luke.

Luke is the polar opposite of her.

As the story progresses, Luke makes a deal with Maisie, a deal that changed everything.

**inspired by a 1975 song and includes very rough and vivid sex scenes, so it's worse than those imagine books bc anal and shit (no pun intended)**


1. 1 ~ One

I know that this story is actually so bad.
I made this when I was 13 and it is absolutely totally cliche.
If you don't like this story and you think it's stealing another author's plot, be sure to comment on my profile or this story.
I'm not going to slap any copyright paras on this story, but I would not like it if you do infringe my work.

The world is a wonderful place filled with scents of warm bread and spilled alcohol. Well, that's all I've really smelt my whole life.

Having a baker as a father (who is extremely over protective) and an alcoholic brother prove to make your life shit. I've been homeschooled for the last three years, so that's pretty shit.

I guess the only thing I've seeked comfort in is music. I wouldn't be able to list all the band's I've been interested in over the years, simply because I'm too lazy.

My mother died a few years back. I'm pretty sure that's why Chris started drinking. He's been hanging around this bar lately. Dad thinks it's a fight club, and that honestly what the name makes it look like.

Iron Knuckles.

But today, we'll know. I know it's a bit risky, fuck that it's really fucking risky. I don't think I've been so far from my house. At this very second, I'm on a bus. It honestly surprised me when dad gave me the bad pass and money to chase Chris.

I've been on this bus for ten minutes and I've evaluated everyone on the bus. I've always aspired to be a psychologist, so I've studied into it.

Close to the front are the elders, no older than that of 80 and no younger than 70. Judging from the time they're coming back from bingo. Towards the middle are those coming home from work. Jobs in the city. I've always wanted to go out into the city and breath in the smog and scent of stale coffee.

The majority of workers have bags of McDonald's or white bags of something that smells like Chinese food. And at the back of the bus (where I'm conveniently located) is where all the punks and rebels are sitting. The stench is barely tolerable.

But I'm going to be honest with you, I'm only sitting here because there is a complete stud behind me and to the left. I haven't stared at him or anything, but when I was trying to figure out how to scan the bus pass (old women were telling me to hurry the fuck up) I caught him staring at me.

You know what people say about the first thing a person notices about you is your eye colour? That's totally bullshit. I noticed his gorgeous lips, especially that black ring that I was so tempted to pull. And then came the hair, his perfect blonde hair was styled into some sort of sexy hairdo. And then, young philosophers, came the eyes.

They popped off his face, a gorgeous bright blue. I would be able to stare at them for hours. Something about them made me want to crawl into his lap and fuck the life out of him. But that would be bad etiquette, and I wouldn't like to piss off the oldies more than I already have. So I took my seat halfway through the middle and end of the bus.

While waiting for the stop closest to Iron Knuckles (if you're wondering how I know where he goes, he dropped a membership card on the living room floor) I played with my hair. I usually had it cut short, but it's been growing for a while.

I heard an obnoxious ding and saw the bus come to a halt. My stop has arrived. I hopped off the bus and started to walk. I couldn't help but notice the presence behind me, catching up and passing me. The boy from the bus soon made his way in front of me, completely ignoring me. God, he's tall, tall people are very fucking hot. I couldn't help but stare at his almighty bum through those jeans, oh and his legs.

And his shoulders soaked my panties.

Minutes later, he was out of view. Is that what it's like getting on a bus; do you get absolutely drenched and then lose the person forever. I've actually never been turned in that much. Yes probably got a girlfriend, why wouldn't he?

A few hundred meters later, I stepped foot outside Iron Knuckles. Judging the outside, it is a fight club. I sighed and decided to enter the terrible venue. As soon as the double door opened someone pushed me out-of-the-way, to leave and probably go to the hospital. I held back a laugh, as the guy had a very bloody face and a scowl that made him look like voldemort.

The inside was laced with the smell of sweat and tears. Everyone was crowded around two people, beating each other up. It wasn't a very pleasant sight. I looked over to find a tall, muscular man in his thirties and decided that he had authority.

"Excuse me." I tapped on his shoulder and he looked down and smiled. "Are you looking for someone, love?" Eh, seemed kind enough. "Yes, actually! Chris Williams, I'm his sister and my dad and I are very concerned for his well-being." His smile faltered. "He's in the back room, I'll take you there. I'll warn you, boys are getting changed back there." I nodded.

How old did he think I was? I'm 17 and a 1/2, I've seen cocks before. I followed the man to a black door, I stepped in once he opened it. I looked at all the faces and spotted my brothers. It was splattered with blood, and it wasn't his blood.

I placed a hand over my mouth and walked over to him. He was running his hands through his hair, a thing he does when he's mad. "Chris?" I've never spoken that softly, ever. He grinned, not raising his head. "Maisie, you smart kid. You fucking found me." He stood up and looked down on me.

"This is Iron Knuckles. I guess dad gave you the card. It was his idea." How could he take this lightly. Yes been here, into fights and God knows what and he expects me to be accepting. No, rants not how it works.

"Chris. What the FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING, YOU STUPID CUNT!" I didn't mean to shout out that last part, I guess my mind just took over. He honestly looked surprised. Why he didn't see that coming is a puzzle to me.

"I HAD TO TAKE A BUS HERE, CHRIS! IVE NEVER BEEN THIS FAR FROM HOME, AND YOU THINK THIS IS ALL OKAY?! I COULD HAVE BEEN PILLAGED! OR RAPED, AND IT COULDENT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU, WOULD IT?" I took a breath and stared up at his face. The smirk on his face made me lose it. My hand flew up and met his face. That wiped the stupid smirk from his face.

I realised what I did and his eyes turned dark. "Chris. I'm sorry." I placed a hand on his shoulder, his met mine and squeezed. I started panicking. The squeezing got tighter and it felt excruciatingly painful. "Ah, CHRIS STOP!" I shouted. A small crowd formed around us.

I felt a snap and I screamed, but felt nothing. I havent realised I closed my eyes until I opened them. The squeezing on my hand had stopped, and Chris's was on the floor. I didn't look anywhere else, but I ran out of that little changing room as fast as I could. I opened the door and collided into a body, I sent the body backwards and onto the floor.

I was in hysterics by then, so I just played in th ground and cried. I closed my eyes and let the tears fall. Whoever I knocked over started shaking me. "Girl! Stop, God, STOP FUCKING CRYING!" I opened my eyes and saw a pair of ice-cold blue eyes.

Bus boy.


So this is the story so far. A prologue/chapter whatever. So, this story is about a teenage girl who is set on getting out of her fathers bakery and becoming something great and she meets Luke.

So they set off together after what happen in this chapter and do some crazy shit.

It'll be better than what you think so just read.......plz I'll suck your dick

Lol no


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