Perfect christmas *short story* ik it sucks

I suck at the whole tell you a brief thing so just read it and tell me what you think


11. well then..

They finally finished breakfeast, it was okay I guess.

After breakfeast played twister. Twister personally I like because I won all. The time because I was just that awesome.

We micheal got out on the third spin. I felt bad for him I thought he had a chance. Ashton and Calum took turns with the spinner. Ashton didn't want to play. So it just left Luke and I. The last spin I feel Luke was so happy he won. I hit him with fluffy unicorn pillow I left down stairs.

So later after we all went to the back yard. They saw the pool and went crazy.

Calum was first to jump in , the micheal, and the ashton. I thought it was the most funniest thing ever.

Luke said are you gonna jump or am I.....

You said if you push me in I will scream rape.

Luke says well those are se chances I will have to take.

Luke picked you and threw you in the pool. When you came to the surface you saw him jump in the pool.

Then after he jumped we had a splash war.

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