Perfect christmas *short story* ik it sucks

I suck at the whole tell you a brief thing so just read it and tell me what you think


12. this is war

It was around 5pm we just told stories in the sun and laughed.

Once we dried we went inside. I just watched them fight with each other on who is awesome. I looked over I felt someone eyes on me Luke was staring dead at me. I looked at him and he a stupid goofy silly face.

I thought to myself.... I wonder if he likes me... No don't be stupid.. But then again he said I was pretty and he's totally checking me out.... Or I'm over thinking things... I'm so over thinking it.

I was just in a daze when cold water was chucked at me.

I gasped Luke was holding the cup.

I got up and tackled Luke to floor. We were playful wrestling.

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