Perfect christmas *short story* ik it sucks

I suck at the whole tell you a brief thing so just read it and tell me what you think


19. I'm blushing

It's just ringing and ringing

I think to myself is he is not gonna pick up.

Then I hear his voice, I couldn't talk the words wouldn't come out. I finally snapped out of it and said hi it's (name)

He said well um I glad you called Calum Ash, and Mikey and playing video games. I don't feel like play GTA.

You said why?

Luke says well I have been thinking about this girl that's really beautiful, she deserves an award and I want to ask her on date,

You said that girl sounds amazing good luck

Luke says well I guess I am lucky for meeting a girl like you. Will you go on a date with me beautiful?

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