Perfect christmas *short story* ik it sucks

I suck at the whole tell you a brief thing so just read it and tell me what you think


8. come in

You invite them into your house. They automatically just hug you. You inhale their scents. You still thinks it's a dream.

You finally as why are you here? Is this some prank? Why are you here? This is a sick joke on a girl..

Michael interrupts you and says your parents said you were a big fan and this was your dream so it came true. And no it's not a joke.

Your parents start to talk.

All they can get out is we will....

You darted for the stairs and up to your room.

As you stood down stairs you realized you have 5 sauce Fever. You have so many pictures of Luke its crazy.

You think to yourself... If Luke comes up here no wait if they come up here. They are gonna think I'm Luke crazed manic girl. I start with my computer I was about to change it to Peter Pan.

You heard a soft knock. They interrupted your thoughts.

You say who is it..

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