Perfect christmas *short story* ik it sucks

I suck at the whole tell you a brief thing so just read it and tell me what you think


9. bye

You heard the most sweet Aussie voice in the world it was Luke.

Luke says hey your parents kinda want to know why you ran away and I want to know are you okay?

You answer I heard my phone ring.

Luke says you heard your phone....

He turned the knob and came in you just blushed like crazy when he observed your room. He smiled and said nice I like this I would totally do this to my room because I look so damn sexy.

He sat next to you on your bed and just stared at you.

You couldn't think of what to say or do.

He finally said were you trying to cover this up.

You just stared in his eyes.

He waved his hand in front of your face and smiled.

He asked am I that interesting?

You get lost in my face,

You say yeah.

Luke finally says we should get back to your parents by the way I think your pretty and he kissed your cheek.

Luke gets up and picks you up and carries you down stairs.

Your mom says sweet we are leaving for the day.

You say why.

They both said because you always say we embarrass you so we are going to not do that I front of these um boys you call... What do you call them....

You dad says oh you call them Aussie hotties

You just stare at your dad and wish someone just kill you. Your dad smiles at you and walks out.

There is an awkward silence.

Calum finally says so.... We are making breakfast who is hungry?!?!

You guys go in the the kitchen Aston picks you up and sits you on the counter.

He says your gonna watch us fuck up food that we are gonna eat I guess but if the food starts walking I'm running back to Sydney

You laugh a little and don't you mean run to the coastline then swim for miles you must be a dolphin or mermaid.

Ashton says no I'm not a dolphin or mermaid. I'm a merman.

You giggle at his goofy ness.

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