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- i don't really have much time to write said description, but in the late future there will be one -


1. 1 ~ One

“I’m a virgin, please!”

His grip around the stainless steel knife tightened, a menacing look upon his face. His dark brown eyes dared me, taunted me and challenged me to continue defying his power.

“You heard me, strip.”


© misconclusions 26/09/2014


I looked at my lesbian friend beside me, flipping the page of her Anatomy book. She returned the friendly gaze and smiled at me. “Gosh, I can’t get over the amount of work we have to cover for the test.” I knew what she was referring to: an anatomy exam in which we both had to take the following morning. I sighed and shrugged my shoulders. “I tried talking to the dean about it, he said he couldn’t help. Australian curriculum must stay the same for each university, he said.”

Sarah sighed and slapped the book shut and handed it to me. “Quiz me, I truly need it, Kirsten.” I groaned and took the book from her grasp. I opened to a page with a yellow post-it marking the importance. I grinned and shook my head: the pancreas. “We’re going to start off with the basics of the pancreas, doll. I’ll start off slow and steady.” She groaned and threw her head back in relief. “Can we do something a little bit easier, Stee? I’ve got this one nailed!” I shook my head and read out the question. “Where is the pancreas located?” She opened her mouth to repeat the words she had been studying for the past two days, but our roommates came trapesing down the stairs.

Hannah, Hillary and Josie: the most popular girls at Hillmount University. They were laughing and joking about how they would ace the test the next day, but wouldn’t bother studying. The scary movie playing on the flat screen television was drowned out by the stupid bickering about make-up and boys. “Oh, won’t you two join us and give the lesbian act a break?” Hillary scoffed. Sarah was indeed lesbian, but I was undeniably straight. Sarah blushed and turned to face the trio of awesomeness.

“Why don’t you three contract the clap already? I can’t believe you’re going out to party on an important night like this.” Josie laughed and flipped Sarah and myself off. “Because we have lives, unlike you two dykes.” Hannah smirked and yanked the textbook between my hands. “Oh my god, you two are so geeky! Stop studying and get laid!” They tossed the book between each other and Sarah stood up and growled. “It’s enough that we have to tolerate all three of you, but this is too far! Just go out to that party and leave us alone!”

Sarah caught the text book and sat down next to me again. The three girls straightened their dresses and walked out in a huff. I placed a hand on Sarah’s shoulder to reassure her that the girls would fail the exam. She sighed and nodded, opening the textbook and reading over the important information. I grabbed the bowl of popcorn from between the two of us, munching on the buttery snack.

Sarah gazed at me with an admirable glint in her eyes. “I wish that you were a dyke, we would be so cute together.” Sarah would often joke about the two of us going lesbian together and leaving the uptight university, but I always surpassed it as a joke. I smiled and shook my head, looking down at the bowl. “I’m pretty sure I’m straight Sarah, I like Riley, remember?” She sighed and nodded her head, closing the text book and placing it on the table beside the couch.

The doorbell rang through the house and I stood up to go and get it. “I’ll get it!” I shouted out and started to walk towards the door. Before I was even close, Sarah popped up and opened the door. For a girl of her size, she sure could run. I smiled and walked back to the couch. She was pretty, and she did have a nice rack. Guys would have liked her. I sat down and listened to Sarah giving candy to the young children passing by. Maybe I could be lesbian with her, we were fond of each other.

The horror movie on the television screen continued to play and Sarah walked back to the couch. “A kid just came to the door dressed up as Miley Cyrus, should I be concerned for the wellbeing of our country?” I laughed and gave her a brief nod. “She is a very scary character.” Sarah agreed and plopped back onto the couch. She was a very classic girl with her square classes and plaid pyjamas, he might have been bigger than most girls but she was colourful.

I compared myself to her, regretting it immediately. Where she had her curves, I was flat up and down – with the exception of average breasts. No guy wanted a girl with no boobs or butt, I would be a lone forever. She had perfect hair where I had flat and scraggly curls. She wore trendy clothes where I wore hand-me-downs from my mother. She was ultimately much more attractive than I was, and she knew it. I fiddled with the draw string of my shorts when the door bell rung again.

I pounced up and sprinted to the door, not giving Sarah anytime to make her move. She grunted form the couch and I opened up the door. Before me stood three mummies, groaning and asking for candy. I laughed at the image of three kids covered in ‘Durex toilet paper’. I grabbed the orange bowl from the side table next to the front door and smiled at the kids. “You nearly gave me a heart-attack!” One of the kids made a remark about my age having something to do with it and I scoffed. “Don’t choke on it, brat.” I slammed the door and Sarah laughed.

“You’ve always had a way with children.” Sarah grinned and laid down on the couch. I grabbed a snickers from the bowl of candy and began to walk back to the lounge room. The doorbell rang again and I was certain the child’s mother had come to scorn me. I stood on my tip-toes and looked through the peep hole. A young man was standing on the porch with his arms crossed, and let me tell you, he was beautiful. I placed my hand on the handle and called out to Sarah: “How do I look?” She gave me two thumbs up and I grinned.

I grabbed the handle and twisted, looking at the man who was easily a foot taller than me. “I’m sorry for calling your child a brat, but he was excessively rude.” The man raised an eyebrow and I realised that he was too young to be the father of a child. “I’m sorry, your brother?” The boy chook his head and pointed to the gash above his perfectly plucked eyebrow. “I’m hurt and I need some help.” His voice was deep and soft like velvet. I sighed and nodded my head, letting him inside the house.

Sarah perched up on the couch and I grabbed the man’s hand, guiding him into the living room. Sarah looked at me unsurely. “This man is hurt and he needs us to help him.” Sarah smiled at the handsome man and waved. “You sure are lucky, we’re nurses!” She pointed to the textbook in front of the couch. He gave both of us a bitter smile and sat down. “Sarah, could you go grab some water and bandages?”  She nodded and walked away.

I leant over to inspect the wound, and it looked very deep. “Yikes, how did you do this?” G=He cleared his throat and shrugged his shoulder. “A bunch of kids tried to jump me.” I lent closer to the man and he continued to stare directly in front of his face. I quickly noticed that he was staring at the ample cleavage shown in my shirt. I gasped and covered my chest up with a pillow. He smirked and shook his head. “Sorry, ma’am, I didn’t mean to ogle.”

Sarah came back into the book with a bag full of medical supplied and I grabbed a tissue covered in water. I approached the man, still covering my breasts with the pillow. He looked into my eyes and told me that he wouldn’t look, not even a peek. I trusted him and lowered the pillow. Sarah sat on the opposite couch and glared at the man with envy. “What’s your name, sir?” Sarah asks, playing with her short locks of hair. “Germaine Silver, I derive from west Sydney.”

I smiled at him and continued to dabble at the gash. “Nice to meet you, Germaine. I’m Kirsten Arman, I derive from the very centre of Brisbane. Germaine is an odd name, what are your origins?” He smiled and relaxed a little. “Scottish, New Zealand and a few others chucked into the mix.” Sarah scoffed and turned the television’s volume up. “Exotic, I like that.” I covered my mouth in embarrassment, I didn’t mean to say that. Germaine smiled ever so deeply and a dimple popped out from his right cheek. “Thank you Miss Arman.”

I stared at the cut for a few seconds, realising that I couldn’t find the source. I gestured Sarah to come and help me and she reluctantly came to join. “Can you see if there is a source, I can’t find it anywhere?” He poked around on Germaine’s forehead and his jaw tensed. Her cross fell out of her blouse and he grabbed it, smirking to himself. “Do you really think God can save you now?” She grimaced and nodded her head. “We’re already saved.”

She moved out of the way and shook her head. “Nope, no source.” I bent down and his gaze dropped directly to my breasts. “How strange.” His aura changed immediately as he snatched the ashtray from beside the couch and smashed it against my head. I fell down and felt the pain rack through my body. Sarah screamed in fear as she tried to run. “Don’t try and get smart, now.” He threw a punch at her head. The last thing I saw before I passed out was her being dragged up the stairs to her doom.


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