Loki Imagines

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2. Jotunheim Love |Green|

 |Alex and Loki|


   Once more, I find myself scouring in frantic search for her, it's been almost four days since she had been taken from Midgard without my consent.

     "Don't worry, brother." Thor said, "We'll find her."

 I decided to go to Jotunheim, I don't know why I was drawn there. Laufeyson laughed when I entered his throneroom. "Finally came for what is yours?"

  They pulled her from out behind the throne he sat so proudly on, she had been unconscious. "What have you done?"

 "Tried to obtain your attention, Silver Tongue... Now that I do, I have a bargain to strike with you."

    "What is it?"

 "You let us take Midgard as our own."

 "That means going against your brother." one of the frost giants that had Alex said. "And giving up her home."

          He raised her up into the air, Laufeyson watched as I tensed under pressure. "Will you sacrifice the one you love for a little world?"

  Her eyes opened, looking at me. "Loki?" she whispered.


        The frost giant walked to the edge of the cliff. "Choose, Asgardian."

 I looked at Alex. "Take Midgard all you want." I said, warningly. "Thor and his Avengers will stop you."

  The giant tossed Alex aside like an old rag doll, I rushed to her side. "Alex..."

I took her into my arms. She put her head on my chest, crying in pain. "Loki, why?"

 "I didn't want to lose you, Alex.... There's nothing else in the nine galaxies that can compare to you..."

   "I love you, Loki."

"I love you too, Alex."



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