cool kids // c.h

the tale of a mute girl and an awkward boy


1. 1 ~ One

I literally wrote this while listening to Shake it off



Cool Kids


Lauren was a reject, a reprobate toward the entirety of humanity. She was that chick at school that everyone wanted to know, wanted to become friends with, but she didn’t have any of it. Her Mother was a drug addict and her Father an alcoholic, causing her to be defective. She was born in England, Birmingham but she moved to Australia when she was a toddler. “A fresh start” her Mother had told her.

They went from Brisbane to Townsville, Townsville to The Gold Coast and so on. Each period of time lasted no more than 6 months, and this was why Lauren built those walls up. Her Mother repeated those three little words every time. But every move ended the same way: her Mother would lose her job and their Father would find them, wanting revenge for all the shit her Mother did to him.

Being a natural reprobate, Lauren blamed her shit life on her deadbeat Mother. However, Lauren was a fighter, not with the likes of a renegade (like her Mother), she would do all of her homework and try her best in school, she had nothing better to do. When her Mother was getting doped up with her friends in the living room, Lauren would be studying or reading.

This added to her reputation as a reject. People assumed that she was loaded with drugs because her Mother was. It was a perfectly rational response but it was wrong. The drug addicts at school always wanted her to sit with them, itching for a serve of her Mother’s drugs, and occasionally a piece of her ass.

Which brings us to another component of Lauren: her dashing looks. She dyed her hair black every six months, bringing out her incredibly pale skin even more. Her eyes were a stunning blue and big with short eyelashes. Lauren was no size two, with her big bust and curvy rear she was a hit on the figure. However, she was extremely self-conscious on the size of her stomach. She has only ever liked one guy before, and not for the looks. His name was Andrew, and he was the smartest guy in her second grade class. Lauren found this incredibly attractive. He was also her first kiss.

Lauren didn’t wear designer clothes or hipster attire, she had her own style. She could wear a tank top one day, then a baggy guy shirt the next. It was either leggings or jeans for Lauren, she didn’t like showing off skin because of the hideous scars along the inside of her thighs. She started self-harming in the 7th grade and stopped in the 9th. Guys wanted to see what was under her poncho or tee-shirt, but she never gave them any clues. Rumours started to spread that she had a penis.

As the years progressed, she began to fade away. Her hair would stay in the same messy bun every day, she stopped trying to dye her hair and it returned to its natural light brown colour. Her clothes were the same every day, she rarely took a shower and her marks in class dropped drastically as she would stare out of the classroom window every day. She was truly alone in her world, not having anybody to hug or talk to.

Lauren became partially mute in the 10th grade. She decided not to talk to anyone because they wouldn't listen. If a teacher spoke to her, she would respond in a whisper and never make eye contact. If a student spoke to her, she would panic and run away. People took advantage of her disability, pointing out her flaws and getting away with it.

That’s how she met the guy that saved her life: through abuse at school. Although, it wasn’t to the scale of people calling her fat, it shot way past that, broke the measurement device. She met Calum Hood, the nicest guy she would ever meet. He stood by her side through almost everything. Almost.


Lauren woke up the same way she always did: in a bed. She didn’t need an alarm clock, she had the time that she woke up embedded in her head. She didn’t stay up all night on the phone with her non-existent boyfriend or party with her friends on any night. She got home, read a book and went to sleep. This made her incredibly calm and peaceful, she didn’t fall asleep in class or get mad.

Lauren was going through her usual morning routine when she remembered that she had an assignment due in her 2nd period class that day. She rushed through her already quick routine and grabbed her bag. She didn’t take lunch to school, she was hardly ever hungry. She walked out into the living room where her Mother was sound asleep in a pile of men. Lauren shook her head and bit her lip while tip-toeing out of the house.

The winter air was brisk on her face, causing her nose to tinge red. She sighed and blew some hot air on the feature, it didn’t help at all. She looked over at the house that was vacant until recently. Lauren stood on the wet lawn for a minute or so, watching a cute guy get smothered by his presumable Mother. She was hugging him tightly and kissing his cheeks. She smirked and turned away.

Lauren never had a Mother figure in her entire life. The closest she had was her 5th grade teacher, which would sit her down every day after school while she waited for her Mother to pick her up. Her teacher knew about her home situation and has previously been in the same situation in her life. They would talk about ways to escape her Mother, and settled on the idea of reading books and trying to stay away from her.

Lauren shoved her hands in her pockets, savouring the warmth that she had. The storm clouds overhead clapped with thunder, and Lauren knew that she would have to walk home in the rain that afternoon. Her school was only a 10 minute walk away, and she needed half an hour to work on her assignment. Lauren started to quicken her pace when the boy who lived next door to her caught up.

“Hey! I’m Calum!” Lauren began to panic, she didn’t want him to try and talk to her. Why couldn’t he be an introvert as well? She thought, breathing heavily. She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. She began to hyperventilate, looking towards the school and walked briskly. “Wait! Are you okay? Do I need to call the paramedics?” Lauren began to run away from her neighbour, and he shut and continued walking at his own pace.

As Lauren reached the gates of her school, she slapped her forehead. I’m such an idiot! Why couldn’t I say anything, why am I such a goof!  She sighed and threw her head back in anguish while walking into the nearly empty school. A single group of jocks stood outside the gates, laughing and joking. They spotted her and pointed as the head of the group made his way over to her.

Steve Kennedy.

He had a crush on her since the 9th grade, the present being 12th. Lauren pulled her hood over her head, and looked down, walking ahead of the group. “Don’t ignore me, you weirdo!” Lauren froze in her spot and slowly turned around. Abide by what they say, don’t disobey their commands. Steve looked over his shoulder at his friends and laughed. He slowly walked towards the frail mute, and leaned on the brick wall beside her.

“You don’t have anyone to go with to the Spring Dance?” Lauren began to shake and she backed away from the bully. She slowly shook her head from side to side. Steve gave her an award-winning smile, setting her nerves at ease. “Well, how would you like to go with the king of the school?” Lauren wasn’t happy, in fact, she was terrified. She hadn’t planned on going to the gathering and preferred reading a book. But if she said no, she would be in trouble.

Lauren opened her mouth and tripped over whilst trying to back away. Steve laughed out and his mates followed. “That’s right, bow down to your king!” Lauren was terrified, she got on her hands and knees and tried to crawl away from the antagonist. Just when she thought they were leaving her alone, Steve grabbed her calve and pulled her back to his feet. “Don’t fight it.”

Lauren would have screamed out for help if she wasn’t petrified. She kicked at his legs until he fell over. His mates laughed until Steve screamed out and told them to shut up. He got on his knees and smirked at me. “You’ll pay for that.” Steve grabbed both of her legs and pulled her onto his lap, he grinded against her innocence. Steve threw his head back in pleasure. “Fuck, I wonder what it feels like to be in there.”

Lauren managed to make tiny screams, hardly noticeable from 10 metres away. She kicked and kicked, but nothing happened. Steve’s friends stood awkwardly behind him, except for his best mate, who was egging him on. She mouthed the only word she needed to say to the nicest looking one. He widened his eyes in fear and shook his head.

Steve began fondling her butt when the boy from the house next door walked into the gates. He didn’t noticed what was going on until he looked up from the book he was reading. Lauren pushed at Steve’s face when he kissed her neck. She wanted to save what she had for the person she loved. When Calum saw what was going on, he dropped his book and bag and sprinted over to the scene.

Lauren was lifted off of Steve and sat down gently on a bench. Lauren shut her eyes tightly and began hyperventilating, hugging her legs to her chest. Calum quickly turned around and watched Steve stand up and ball his fist. “And who the fuck are you, coming in her like a fucking hero!” Calum walked up to Steve and landed a massive punch on his cheek, sending him to the ground. Blood was flowing down his face in a red stream, bringing bile up Laurens throat.

Steve’s friends came and Calum and began to attack. Within a few seconds, he was on the floor, kicks being sent to his stomach. Without hesitation, Lauren stood up and ran to the group. She didn’t know what to do, she watched the beautiful boy in front of her being abused and she only knew one thing that could help. Lauren hadn’t spoken above a whisper in nearly 2 years, and she was willing to try and stop them.

“STOP IT!” The entire group turned around in shock, leaving Calum on the floor, coughing and spluttering. “S-stop it…” She fell to her knees and held Calum in her arms. “…” Calum hadn’t known what just happened. Why were people so shocked at a girl screaming out? Why wasn’t Lauren screaming out when she was being harassed?

“The bitch spoke. Let’s leave before she reports us to the principle.”

Lauren didn’t know why, but she was hugging Calum as if her life depended on it. She liked the feeling, having something so warm and beautiful close to her like she did then. Calum’s head was in her lap, his busted nose was bleeding, but she didn’t care about getting blood on her jeans. They already had a rip from where Steve pulled her. Calum stared up at her and she blushed and covered her face with her hands. He sat up and placed his hands over hers.

“Can you walk me home?”

She nodded and left her hands over her face. He was judging her, he was going to make fun of her for not talking. She remained seated on the ground until Calum cleared his throat and held a hand out for her. She kept one hand on her face and grabbed his hand with the other. Calum didn’t know why she was being so shy, she was gorgeous. Why would a guy go to harass her if she was ugly? Calum kept his words to himself, but continued to help her up with the thoughts raging inside his head.

Once Lauren was standing, she removed her hand from her face and pulled the hood over her head and shoved her hands in her pockets. Calum continued to walk with her, after all, why shouldn’t he? The sound of students walking towards the gates and laughing filled their ears and Calum had so many questions. “Would your parents care if you stayed home?” Lauren shook her head, evading questions.

Calum nodded his head. “I’m scared that my Mum will go down there and attack those boys, she’s very protective.” Lauren nodded and pushed past a crowd of girls, Calum doing the same. “It’s my first day here, what a great way to start a new school, hey?” He laughed and Lauren pulled a pair of sun glasses out of her pocket, sliding them over her eyes. Calum bit his lip nervously, which made him even more attractive in Lauren’s eyes.

“Bayside, hey?” Lauren knew that he was referring to her backpack, which had the band logo plastered over it. She shrugged and kicked at the dirt awkwardly. “Didn’t they write a song for Resident Evil?” Lauren smirked and shook her head. She found her phone and opened up the note app: Bayside had previously written the song, they just gave Resident Evil the right to use it. Lauren shook her head and put the phone back in her pocket.

“Not much of a talker, hey?” Lauren almost laughed at his response, but she kept it to a shrug and a small smile. Calum wanted to hang out with the girl all day, maybe he could gain a relationship out of the scenario. He shook his head and laughed at himself. Why would a beautiful girl with trust issues want me? I’m just plain old Calum. I’m a 6 and she’s a 10. Their houses became closer and closer, and Calum gathered up the courage to ask her.

“Would you like to hang out with me?” Lauren didn’t respond, because she knew if she had tried to, she would hyperventilate and run away from him. Instead, she sped up her walking. This boy was trouble, she knew he was. “Not like a date or anything, just us hanging out in my bedroom!” Calum immediately slapped his forehead. “God that sounded so creepy! Just hanging out. I’ll show you guitar and what I can do with my hands.” He groaned again as Lauren sped up ever faster. “I play bass guitar in a band, they’re back in Sydney, though. I’m kinda good.”

Lauren wanted to say yes, but she didn’t even know the boy, only his name. She began to panic. What if this is my only chance at friends? What will I do if he doesn’t want to talk to me when I say no? I won’t be able to cuddle anyone ever again. Calum continued his desperate pleas for her to visit him, but she burst into a sprint. Calum grunted but ran to catch up with her.

As Calum was running, one of his shoelaces came undone, and he tripped. He slid for a few metres, gaining a few scratches and bruises. Lauren came to a stop and turned around, in pure shock. She ran to his side and tried to help him up, but he just sat in his little ball and groaned in pain. “The shit I’ve done for you today.” Lauren giggled and heaved him up onto his feet. Calum threw his arm around her shoulders and hobbled towards his house. “I have a question.” Lauren turned to face him and raised an eyebrow. “Do you want to chill at my house?” Lauren rolled her eyes and looked towards the ground.

As they approached his house, Lauren considered it to be a good thing. If he mother were sober, she would love to see them talking and having fun, being the socialite she was. Calum’s front door came closer, and Lauren started to get scared. What if his Mother doesn’t like me because Calum go into a fight because of me…and tripped over because of me? Lauren reached out for the doorknob, but the door was thrown open before she could do anything.

A middle aged woman wrapped her arms around Calum and Lauren, in tears. “My baby, what happened?! Were you beaten up, I will make those boys swim in a pool of their own blood if they did! Or was it a group of girls? Oh son, I think you’re stronger than that. You don’t need to let them hurt you, lightly push them away, don’t be such a pus-“ Calum covered his Mother’s moth with his free hand.

“I was being chivalrous to this young woman. A guy was…hurting her and I did something about it.” His mother’s face filled with Joy [punpunpun] and she helped him inside. She looked over her shoulder and motioned Lauren to come inside. “Don’t be afraid, you can stay home from school, I’ll talk to your Mother.” She sighed and took a step inside the house. Calum took a seat on a creamy white couch while Lauren stood up in the corner.

His Mother ran into the kitchen and asked Calum if he would like some tea. “Yes, Mum.” He had such a healthy relationship with his mother, Lauren was incredibly envious. “How about you, love? Can I get you anything?” His Mother popped her head out of the kitchen and smiled. She shook her head, despite the thirst she was experiencing. She smiled and told her to sit down. There was only one couch, so she sat as far away from Calum as possible.

Calum Felt a little bit hurt, he wanted her to hug him like she had earlier. It felt so warm and magical, he found himself smiling at the memory. Lauren awkwardly played with her finger while Calum pressed a button on the television remote. The screen filled with cartoon and Calum smiled, getting comfier on the couch. It was so cute, the way he turned into a child when the cartoons came on. An entirely different side to the man she saw earlier.

“Oh, forgive me! I’m Joy, Calum’s Mum. Lovely to meet you…” Lauren didn’t know what to say, but Calum saved her. “She doesn’t talk. I think her name is Lauren, It’s written on her bag: Lauren White. She likes Bayside, Mum.” Joy smiled and gave Calum his cup of tea. She looked at the television and made a face. “We watched this one last night, Calum.” He shrugged. “Quality T.V.” Joy looked at Lauren with a devious smile.

“Move closer to Calum, you’re in my spot.” Lauren didn’t want to move closer to Calum. He would see me up close and spot all my imperfections. I would be ugly then and he wouldn’t want to see me at all. But Lauren did what Joy told her to, proving to be difficult on the couch which was made for two people. Once Joy sat down, she made an uncomfortable sound. “I need my personal space, give me a bubble.”

I moved a little closer to Calum, feeling his warmth. “A bit more. I’m sick, you know.” Lauren moved close to Calum, almost on his lap while Joy had a comfortable patch of couch. Calum was smiling and glaring at his mother. Joy started to lay on the couch, forcing me to lean into Calum’s chest. I can feel his abs, oh god he’s rock hard. I wonder if he’s beautifully tanned all over. And I mean all over. Lauren snapped out of the sexual daze and remained tense in his arms.

“Mum, you’re making this really awkward.” Calum loved having Lauren cuddled up to his chest, it made him feel manly and reliable. Lauren felt so safe and warm in his arms, the feeling was entirely mutual. “But you two look so good together. Hang on while I make you some popcorn and grab some medical stuff.” Calum’s Mother worked at a pharmacy, so she generally knew what to do in this situation.

As Joy left the couch, Lauren didn’t want to leave Calum’s arms, and Calum wanted to hold her forever. Lauren didn’t want to feel this feeling anymore, so she pushed herself out of his arms and stood up. Calum furrowed his eyebrows and grunted. Lauren grabbed her bag and began to walk out of the house. “Bye.” Calum muttered.

Lauren silently said it too.

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