Hello its nice to meet you πŸ’–

Just read it... It will be fun ��������


4. this is really happening

This is really happening

After fangirling so hard you practically piss yourself, invite them in

Luke says hi whats your name we heard you won a day with us.

You say (yourname)

Micheal says aww that cute name.

You say thanks. you can not stop smiling till it hits you,your in your night clothes in front of 4 of the most hottest boys in the world.

You automatically run up stairs and shut the door.

Then your phone starts ringing it's your mom. You answer it she says why are you upstairs and whats wrong, those boys you have a huge crush on are sitting here bored. One of them the one who looks like a hippie mixed with a chipmunk is making weird sound effects. You say mom that's mean and his name is ASHTON IRWIN for the last time stop in embarrassing me they can hear you. She says maybe i wouldn't have to if you don't get you butt down here don't make me send one them of to get you. I might send the one with the blonde hair and blue eyes isn't that the one you have a HUGE crush on i see him everywhere. Like your phone screen, computer, and wal-

You could here them laughing in the background, you hang up the phone.

you just bang your head on the wall and think about what to put on. you want to scream and jump out the window because your mom just EMBARRASSED YOU.

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