Hello its nice to meet you πŸ’–

Just read it... It will be fun ��������


2. the radio


Caller number 9 will win a day with 5 seconds of summer. Call in when you hear their hit song " She Looks So Perfect".

Your hear the so song but you know you're not gonna win, you try these things all the time but you don't win.

Then by the end of song you just say fuck it I will call. You call and automatically Ryan says " Hello caller number 9 you have just won A DAY WITH 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!!!!!!

You just say are you serious?!?!?

Ryan says yes I'm being seri-

You cut him off and say I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE THE REAL MVP.

He chuckles and says "stay on the line so we can get your information"

Then the music starts playing on the radio.

Ryan says the information we are gonna need is your address and number and a parent/guardian to verify.

You say okay and call your mom, she verified and then you ask Ryan will I have to come to the studio to meet them or-

Ryan says no sweetie they will meet you and have a nice day.

You say what do you mean they will meet me.

Ryan says you will find out soon

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