Hello its nice to meet you πŸ’–

Just read it... It will be fun ��������


7. stupid me lol

As I leave with 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER a white van pulls up calming opens the door I got in them Luke did.

*sitting in the car*

There is an awkward science between us we just sat there.

I decided to listen to music ( fire and gold by bea miller) as I stared out the window. Then I changed the music (voodoo doll by 5sos ) I changed it again (warped Around your finger by 5sos)

I had the feeling of being stared at I turned around Luke was staring at me.

I said HI with a smile

He said hi back with a smile

I adored his face so much

Then I blurted out I like your face, I felt so stupid.

He chuckled and said Awww it's okay I can tell you were thinking it but didn't mean to say it. Well I like your face to and you have a pretty smile.

You said thank you , you blushed like crazy. So he put his arm around you your head insistently went on his shoulder.

Michael, calum, Luke, and ashton started talking about GTA and who was awesomer.

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