Hello its nice to meet you πŸ’–

Just read it... It will be fun ��������


5. I'm ready

Its been about 10 minutes of going threw my closet but I find what I want.


As I am putting on my eyeliner the door opens I thinks its my mother but then a guy voices say yeah your mom wants you.

I jumped and I poked myself in the eye with eyeliner liquid it hurt so bad.

The guy still not knowing who it is say 'oh my gosh you are you okay? My eye is finally feeling better i open my eyes I couldn't believe who is holding me LUKE HEMMINGS I almost died with excitement. He just looked at me like a piece of art. I smiled so much like dork we finally got off the floor.

He sits on my bed and says with a smile "well I never thought i would be on a girls wall this much".

You look at your wall and say lets go as you grab his hand.

You see your mother and she chuckles and walks into the kitchen. You automatically walk in behind her and say that's not FUNNY its embarrassing gosh.

She says yes it is have fun sweet heart with your imaginary boyfriends.

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