The Story of Us

Harry and Draco become friends after a letter of sincere apolgy from Draco, but the both like each other and wish the other would make the first move, will this new found friend ship last and become more or will they be torn apart by an enemy they both share
starts with chamber of secrets til i decide it finishes
alot of this is not in toks so if you want it to be completly true then don't read please and of course it is not all going to be all from the books it is just a spin of the most amazing author in the world



Harry Potter P.O.V

As I walked up to my room I thought to myself that it was strange that Hermione and Ron hadn’t written to me this summer because after all they said they would, or was it because the still had not forgiven me for all most killing them last year trying to get the philosophers stone from Voldemort. I did think that they had forgiven me I just beginning to think that they didn’t like me after all. Right at that moment I walked through the door and something/ creature was jumping on my bed the creature said to me “my name is Dobby and I am a house elf.”

“Now is not a good time to have a house elf in my room.” I replied to Dobby

“Harry potter must not return to Hogwarts!” dobby cried at me

‘’shut up, not so loud or Vernon will hear me, besides I belong in your world, the magical one with all of my friends.” I retorted angrily

“Friends who don’t even write.” he replied slyly *A/n sorry I know but there are bits from the Harry potters books plus remember I am a kiwi*

Then it dawned on me that he had stopped my letters

“Give me my letters.” I said angrily

He handed the letters over and I quickly rifled through them and saw the most beautiful letter I had seen it was Gryffindor red and it was the best shade of gold I had ever seen I thought Hermione must have brought it from a muggle store as I ripped the letter open Dobby gave a loud pop and left

The letter Read


Dear Harry

I am sorry for all the pain that I put you through the past year, I guess it was because I was jealous of you because you had more friends than me and it was probably due to the fact that you chose the weasel over me and that was probably the worst day of my life, but after I written this letter of apology because father wouldn’t approve apologising face to face because that is not what we were brought up to be, I hope  you accept this apology as I hope to be friend but I will wish to keep this a secret and that means you can’t tell weasel and Granger, sorry about dobby he thinks of you as a god, from what I gather and not at all what  I have said around him, I sent him to warn you of fathers scheme to ruin  Hogwarts because of his master/ the dark lord but don’t get any Ideas mother isn’t one and father refuses to let her become one he loves her more than anything in the world, she did say that when he comes back and when he does she said that she will have to join him because  apparently she was supposed to join the day he fell. I don’t know why I am telling you all this over a letter seeing as I could be intercepted that is why I sent dobby to you because he likes me more than father and mother because I am the nicest of all of them to him. Please reply if you want to be friends write on the other side because I got dobby to charm it so it would almost always apparate directly to me and will be one of our ways of communication

Love Draco Malfoy


  I stared at the signature and wondered why he would sign it love instead of anything else. With that I made a decision to be friends with Draco, I wished that we could be more but we will have to see wont we, I sent the letter back in just under an hour from receiving it

Draco Malfoy P.O.V

I waited in anticipation to see if dobby managed to smuggle my letter to Harry and hoped with all of my heart that we could be really good friends and if we become friends I hope that we will be able to open our heart of hearts to each other. I was suddenly pulled from my thoughts as I heard the familiar pop of dobby

“All is done Master Draco.” He squeaked at me

“Thank you dobby, you may go now.” I replied to him

I was wait with all different anxieties as I was think ng he would not want to be friends with me but just as I had thought this, the letter I had charmed to look like our  house colours arrived and it soared right to my bed side, I ripped it open almost timidity, it read


Dear Draco

I would be delighted to accept your offer of friend ship, I understand why you wish to keep it a secret because you have a reputation to up hold but aside from that why would I tell weasel and granger your wish will be my command Draco and also it was a nice thing for you to choose to tell me what your father and his master are sort of planning but I don’t wish to know that here is one thing that weasel and granger don’t know about me is that I could have been put in your hose but Ron had told me much about you before I had even got to know you so I assumed that I wouldn’t like you and so I thought I should go into a house with the first person that was kind to me, do you remember on the train you weren’t so nice to me, and another thing could you charm the letter so it is the colour we desire most please seeing as you can do magic without the ministry know and find another form of contact so I can talk to you in person as well, and I suppose that you will have a great summer, and I should to because weasel is coming tomorrow to pick me up and then two days later is my birthday just so you know and I won’t be able to write to you as often because I will be at rons for three days so write and research more into communication, or you could get a muggle device called a cell phone or try charming something so we could scry each other, and thank you once again for warning and caring for me, hope your summer is going well

Lots of love Harry 


I stared down at disbelief at his end reply maybe he likes me in the way I like him. I quickly ran to mother’s room and said could she charm two gallons to be enlarged to see ones face and talk to them at the same time. She did just that I also got her to charm the letter to be the colour or image our hearts desire, I sent them off and told harry what they were, I got thinking that if father found out that I was in love with his masters sworn enemy he would kill me curse harry he will be my down fall.


Harry P.O.V

With that a grey letter arrived so I guess that Draco’s eyes were the colour my heart desired most, I opened the letter and he explained the charm on the letter and the charm on the galleon, I held the charmed galleon in my hand and I would ask Hermione if she could shrink it when she gets to Hogwarts, I thought that it would come in handy because I had another excuse not hang with Hermione and Ron when they were fighting like an old married couple. Then Ron came with his dad and picked me up and escorted me to the burrow/ the weasely’s house.

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