The Story of Us

Harry and Draco become friends after a letter of sincere apolgy from Draco, but the both like each other and wish the other would make the first move, will this new found friend ship last and become more or will they be torn apart by an enemy they both share
starts with chamber of secrets til i decide it finishes
alot of this is not in toks so if you want it to be completly true then don't read please and of course it is not all going to be all from the books it is just a spin of the most amazing author in the world


3. It was my dream

Harry P.O.V

I hope that Draco figured out that I liked him but I didn’t want to out and out say it because I thought that people could be listening, I just stared as Draco slept I moved his book and sat by him, running my hand through his silky hair, he murmured my name in his sleep and he started to cuddle more into me, Hermione walked in again and I gave her a death glare, and then pointed at Draco, this year was going to be fun.

Draco P.O.V

As I dreamt I felt my book being placed beside me, I felt a weight next to me, a soft hand running through my hair. As I was dreaming it suddenly turned into harry he was being tortured by the dark lord and I started to scream, I was holding onto my mother and I felt arms wrap around me I woke suddenly. “oh… umm hey Harry I didn’t expect you right there.” I said to him embarrassed that he witnessed that because I had a habit of talking when I was asleep. “Draco are you alright you started to whimper in your sleep, do you want a hug or something…” he trails off. I hug him he hugs back and kisses my forehead and whispers “I like you not anyone else they can go get stuffed.’’ I laugh as he kisses my cheek. I blush and turn my head so he can’t see, did I do something wrong, if that’s the case I will get out of her now.” He says. “No harry stay here I like you too I just didn’t want you to see me blush because I go brighter than a tomato, and I didn’t want you laughing at me.” I say, he laughs. “Don’t be silly Draco I would never laugh at you because you are perfect, I have liked you since 1st year. I was actually contemplating taking your hand but then though that you were rude to the first person that I was nice to, he holds up his 1st year potion book it had I heart draco malfoy on it I blushed again, you are so beautiful and pretty and if you could do me the honour of being my boyfriend I would be the happiest person alive.” As I am still blushing furiously I nod my head up and down. He sat down once more, the candy lady came past, “anything today my dears.” She had a twinkle in her eye. I had no money, dad was being so mean just because dobby was spouting nonsense about harry. (I may have put it there) harry looked at me “what do you want Draco, you can have anything or everything you want.” I looked at him shocked, he just smiled. “Can I please have the chocolate frogs and a box of liquorice wands?” I said to harry. All harry said to the lady was, “may I please have two of everything.” lady hands the candy over to him he gives me half maybe more. “I know you like candy, and plus I can give you what I want your my boyfriend.” He pulls me onto his lap and turns me around so my legs are around his waist and he leans in for a kiss.

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