The Story of Us

Harry and Draco become friends after a letter of sincere apolgy from Draco, but the both like each other and wish the other would make the first move, will this new found friend ship last and become more or will they be torn apart by an enemy they both share
starts with chamber of secrets til i decide it finishes
alot of this is not in toks so if you want it to be completly true then don't read please and of course it is not all going to be all from the books it is just a spin of the most amazing author in the world


4. 12 years earlier

a/n this is a bit of wolf star shipping but all will become clear in the end this is really important to know



A broken soul is all they were. Broken worse than glass. Everyone around them loved the way they lied. What killed them would make them stronger, would make them stand a little taller they had an unconditional bond they were unconditional. They made a promise they both couldn’t keep. It was just the little things that broke them. He only loved him, and him only loved he, these two boys were tortured and beaten broken and they could still love each other.

Sirius p.o.v

 I broke a little more. Scars. Cuts. Blood. All I love.  The day I loved them. My children. The day they leave I will be a little more broken. Dreams infallible. Screams and shouts. Pain. My best friend. My family. I am now free. They told me he was dead I was breaking I was insecure I loved him I loved my little wolf, mind you that what yoy get for being gay isn’t it relentless bullying Joyful laughter that is music to my ears. little ones dancing and playing; bringing tears to my eyes. The cyclone of truth suddenly hits, this is my nightmare, this is my dream; and this is my depression phase. I could still hold my precious babies. The dream of song, the dream of pain. I thought I was free, but I was broken. My dreams failed attempts at escaping. I thought I was brave. I thought. All I did was fall. Falling faster. Faster and faster. Torture is what I thought. I dreamed. Tears of blood, eyes of ice. Skin of snow. Dead. Knives and razors; my friend. Plasters and cotton wool my enemy. Words like blades. Dreams worse than reality. Freedom. Gone. Lost. Broken is all I am, a broken soul; I break a little more when I’m in my phase. he is the only one who can end this I love him till death the stars and the unverse cannot keep us apart if  he is dead I shall be dead too.

Remus P.O.V

The ominous darkness that still envelops my body, dark tendrils waltzing across my body. My mind  fragile as it once was. They left me broken down; they think I’ll run back, my phase now over. My mind is now PURE. FREE. Knives and razors once my best friend now my enemy. Scars. Cuts. Blood. Things I used to love I now hate. The day they loved me. My children. The day they never left me. I can hold my peace as I sleep. Going deep. Deeper and deeper into sleep. I wake from my eternal sleep; it was all I dream. I’m still young. I’m still me. But that was my ESCAPE., Sirius was dead that’s what the told me I broke down screaming the wall shattered all I heard was another heart broken scream, looked over and saw my love I saw Sirius I walked over and hugged him tears streaming down our faces I kissed him on the cheek and the nose and the lip we were reunited once more our broken love is fixed

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