Control Alt Delete

"Without music we would have nothing. I hate you and if you ever come back into my life I swear I will beat your fucking ass! Do you hear me Micheal?"
"But Music speaks for the soul! We spoke about love. I love you more than anything!"
"Fuck you! Your not gonna be in me babies life!"


3. "Stay out of my life"

Micheal POV:

Luke came over to the house. "Dude. Your Ex lives across the street" Luke says. I've had lots of ex's. "Well. What girl?" I asked. 'Uhh. You might want to see for yourself." Luke said then he looks down. "Well she's not home. Tell me!" I say... Getting very annoyed. "Erm... uhh. Rose" Luke stutters... Rose? No. No. The one girl I need to see but I can't. This is so.... Bad...Good? I don't know. "Oh. Um. That's Okay.  I won't let her get to me" I say. I told the boy that we broke up because long distance. I didn't tell them the real reason.

Well. Luke wanted to move, so we got into an argument. 

I see a car stop in front of my house. We stop arguing. "Lets go man." Luke says trying to pull me into the house, "No" I say ripping my arm out of Luke's hand. "So. I guess we are staying. I am going to go unpack" Luke said. I look back at the car to see that no one is in the car. Suddenly there is a hand over my mouth. I try to scream but Its muffled. I'm thrown to the ground. I groan in pain. I look up to see..... Rose? "Rose?" I say "I told you. Stay out of my life!" She says then runs off.

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