Control Alt Delete

"Without music we would have nothing. I hate you and if you ever come back into my life I swear I will beat your fucking ass! Do you hear me Micheal?"
"But Music speaks for the soul! We spoke about love. I love you more than anything!"
"Fuck you! Your not gonna be in me babies life!"


2. 5 Years Later

5 Years Later

Rose POV

"Sky! We have to go! You're are going to be late for school!" I yelled

"One second Mum!" Sky yelled back.

"I'll meet you in the car!" I yelled back. I walk outside to see a big moving truck parked in front of the disgusting green house. I groan thinking of new neighbors. Last time we had new neighbors I ended up having to cuss them out because there son cut my daughter, Skylar's, hair. I walk to my car and get in. Sky comes running out of the house. "Look mum! We have new neighbors! Maybe they have kids!" Sky yelled while getting in the car. "You know what happened last time. And also it just looks like its a group of friends moving in together." I said, while pointing to the familar blonde boy. She groans in defeat. "Oh god. I forgot my keys! I'll be right back." I say then I get out of the car, walk inside the house grab my keys off the coffee table. I walk out to see the blonde boy talking to Sky.I couldn't see his face. "Oh Hi Mum!" Sky practically yelled. "Hey Rosie! Micheal missed you" The boy said then he turned around. Oh shit. Luke Hemmings, Micheal's best friend. "Shit." I muttered then looked down, Luke hugged me. "Don't you dare touch me!" I yelled. "C'mon Sky we have to go." I said then pushed Luke to the ground, kicked him, then got in the car and drove to Sky's daycare."What the heck was that about!" Sky yelled as we get farther away from the house ."I'll explain after school. It's complicated." I said with tears in my eyes "Okay. Bye Mum" Sky said then kissing me on the cheek.

I drive home because it's my day off. I see Luke arguing with a red headed guy.I didn't see his face. "We are staying here! I am not moving because of my ex! I loved her and I still do! I won't give this new life up!" The red head yelled... Oh shit. Wait. Oh no! Thats Micheal 

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