Control Alt Delete

"Without music we would have nothing. I hate you and if you ever come back into my life I swear I will beat your fucking ass! Do you hear me Micheal?"
"But Music speaks for the soul! We spoke about love. I love you more than anything!"
"Fuck you! Your not gonna be in me babies life!"


1. Babies?

Chapter 1


"Music is the only thing we have. I hate you and if you ever come back in my life I will beat your ass. Do you hear me Micheal?" Rose said.

"But music speaks for the soul! We sung about love! I love you and I will never stop!" Micheal said

"Fuck you! You will never be in MY babies life!" Rose replied

"B-B-Babies" Micheal stuttered.

Author note:

Hi everyone! I felt like making a happier story. I know, I know, This doesn't sound happy. But if you ever feel down, Please tell me! I am here for anyone who needs me, If you need so talk call 208-249-7471. I will talk anytime and if I dont answer, I'm probably in school, But i will call you right back.

Luv yA


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