Tons Of Solangelo

A Collection of Solangelo for your soul :)


6. Will Helps Nico Out

Jamie still wasn't sure what happened.

As usual they were walking around after lunch, trying to avoid the Four, when Nico saw them. He glared at the Four, then seemed to disappear into the shadows. The Four had been looking at them, and were now staring in confusion at where Nico had been. He then seemed to appear out of the shadows behind them, and scared the heck out of them.

They all jumped and Nico laughed, then collapsed.

Jamie ran over, trying to figure out what had just happened. Judy and the others were staring at Nico with horror, like they didn't understand that he'd collapsed.

Then she shouted, telling one of the various kids around them to get a nurse, or something.

Then something even more inexplicable happened. A boy ran up. That in and of itself wasn't odd, but he wasn't from this school.

He ran up, pushed kids out of the way, yelling "I'm a doctor" as he shoved his way through the crowd. He then reached Nico, and lifted the pale boy's head off the ground and into his lap.

Nico's eyes fluttered as the boy said, "I thought I told you none of that stuff for a while, my moon. Doctor's orders."

"It's been six months healer boy. I thought I would be okay." Nico murmured.

The boy put Nico's head down, stood up, then lifted the younger boy into his arms like he was picking up a starving cat. "Come on, kitten. We need to get you out of the shadows before you dissolve into them." And then he walked away.



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